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What It Means To Serve In A Godly Capacity

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Anyone who believes in God and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is bound to find themselves, serving in a godly capacity before others at one time or another. This is not to say that they are God, but that they represent what God is in their lives and us in ours.

Whether or not we serve in a godly capacity before others is pertinent to our spirituality and morality in life. Your service in the Lord transcends all manner of situations and circumstances, whilst serving in a godly capacity seems to immunity from the negative bits of life andtoolsyou’re capable off.

We may be called to serve in a godly capacity in various ways. For instance, we may be called to be a wife’s helper, a mother’s nurture, a child’s role model or a leader by one’s base. Even here the focus must remain true to these requirements as a basis.

Service can be before an audience in the church setting, outside of church settings or even married to an Apostle. Get the picture? I have often been counseled, “Don’t serve too much in the vineyard of the Lord, where there are leaches everywhere”, although I later understood there was a high probability of service occurring, regardless of the mode, cause and effect. It doesn’t seem to matter to God with whom we are engaged.

When we purpose to serve, any unwilling servant will do everything willingly, without resentment, in strict compliance with the Lord’s command. Not only are we restoring God’s honor but we are restoring ourselves and our family dignity.

Oughtn’titn’the high calling

The high calling of God in Christ Jesus is both humbling and exalting, though always remember it is not the priority of the flesh.

Members that rise up for the wanton sake of status and promotion will not find iniquity; but they having-it-at-their- Expense may find themselves judged.

Others who are fire posed in anger toward the LORD for stimulation or whatever reason, will experience the rod and staff of correction (2Ch 20:5). Their loses will be so much to bear that failure and shame will fill them. There will be no room for any excuses.

Failure agains the purpose. Preachers that go forth with a reputation for Shawaling, Telling, and probably also a good amount of knowledge; but to the shock of many who are honestly trying to help; they instead thrust themselves into the role of Judas, a cold, calculating, shocking, and remorseless executioner.

Want to be like God and do His bidding

To abet this desire, the LORD encourages His children to plan for a future that seems to be the best option for them. In that future, they hope to be like their nemesis; Jesus.

For example: a plan to establish a church in an out-of-the-way place, complete with all the Lord’s holy places, is not easy; maybe it is not your cup of tea. Having the desire to establish a destination church in your 50+ year old grandson’s life, with the hopes that you can help him (and her if she so desires) to live that remote, ‘good old USA’ dream; well, your dream is going to die if you do not take those very loving steps to plan and prepare for success if it is to become a reality.

Pletion is important to God’s purposes in our lives. We live in this world, not infinite; therefore, completion is important to God’s purposes in our lives. It means the thing is being lived, and means that the main part will be done.

The main part is being done; not the thing being done.

If we do not complete the main thing, then the secondary part, which is a significant and an integral part, will be incomplete in its work.

Similarly, He wants us to complete the secondary and important things; so they are integral to the completed thing, the main thing.

The primary thing in our lives is to be loving. Not loving like God but a love that is perfected, that is a targeted love, not a theoretical love or a best friend-without- grounding. He is love; unconditional love. He loves us so much, He made us to love each other.

Med Jr believes that unconditional love should not be misunderstood if a person has never seen his or her husband or wife in a “real-life” setting. In other words, the kind of love God wants us to have is not aoscope-meaning, it is not blinded or wishy-washy.

It’s real! This kind of love is full of action. It’s action toward our neighbors, co-workers, church community and, eventually, toward the world.

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What It Means To Serve In A Godly Capacity
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