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What Is Thought Power?

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Does the concept of your ability to think make sense? Then you will like this, concentrate power is the ability to direct thoughts towards a specific target. The way in which you hold the key to achieve this is by concentrating on what you want to achieve and focusing all of your energy towards it.

Like a arrowsshoot west, then our energy goes where we want it to go and when energy is directed correctly, you will get results. The reason you want to concentrate here is because with your focus on the end result, the universe will respond to you by granting you more power to effect that result.

There are two schools of thoughts, positive and negative, although most people think more positively, yet these two are more in comparison to each other than the theory of thoughts.

If you look at the positive school, you want to have good relationships, thus you focus on how you can better have good relationships. Here you want to manifest wealth or prosperity or positive sustained growth in your life.

The only problem is that you also want to manifest the wealth or prosperity but with the negative thought, you are focusing on the lack of wealth or prosperity, which prevents the universe from granting you more. This is similar to what we discuss here.

In both schools you are focusing on what you do not have or want. There is always a lack of something on the other side of the inclusion.

In the positive school you focus on the good things you want and positive energy expands. Hence the universe provides more of what you are focusing on.

Here is the problem, you do not know or understand what you do not want nor yet what you want. Hence you subconsciously deny that these are truly a part of your life.

You think these good seeds, thus the universe sends more neutral good seeds into your universe to differentiate and bring about the differences at the other end of the spectrum, this is basic physics.

So what you want may be totally different to what others want because you are focusing on what you believe you do not want. There is a famous Buddhist story that the monks go to search for The Awakened One, the enlightened one. The way to the Awakened One is very simple, (noob) only to find this out you would need to ask a higher teacher (gha). The higher teacher then guides you on how to reach enlightenment.

So you ask your higher teacher and understand that the person that lived before you was enlightened and how s/he achieved what they did, then you approach a person who is living the same life, you do not ask them what they did, because they know everything you do not know and you do not want their advise.

Then you decide to focus on the differences and not the similarities and carry on asking. After a while you contact a teacher who instructs you on the ways to enlightenment and the person who is living the same life as you now, you do not ask them what they experienced because it is not relevant. Just assume they know.For the sake of this discussion it is useful to believe that the higher teacher knows, even though it is not necessarily beneficial to the person who is to learn, for the benefit of both, you believe that they know.

The differences come in the areas of what and how you want to experience these differences.

Everything is built on a foundation, the atoms, the molecules, all the wonderful physics based concepts that make up all the world from the subatomic level all the way up to the atomic level; all these fine particles assemble into such a wonderful masterpiece that you, as a person, can enjoy such fine art.

It is not necessary to understand the details of how this foundation is built, just enough to know that each of these particles is essential for the building of your world and your life on earth. Then you admire such a rare and genuine thing in your life, your life, and life itself.

Only the consciousness of a single, higher ordering force fills my universe; the Buddha for me is the fulfillment of all my desires, each and every single one.

The complete person, the Buddha, the master of all levels, since the Buddha is all levels and levels beyond. I find such a master to be a necessary and irrefutable fact in my world view. I can not think anything more important than my Buddha. I feel such a sense of infinite respect for this entity who has walked this earth for over 2500 years. Even though I know the path that leads to enlightenment, it is my Buddha who motivates me along the path to wisdom.

In many western countries, if you wanted to imitate the Buddha’s enlightenment you concentrate on becoming a Buddhist instead of focusing on becoming my Buddha. The western way of living contains thousands of years of ‘ religions’ which have skewed the world view of millions upon millions of people.

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What Is Thought Power?
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