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What Is Spiritual Well Being?

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Physical well being is when our body is well tuned; we eat well, we exercise and we usually maintain our body well. We also can call physical well being our capacity to control well our capacity to produce the garments needed for our body type. In our article ‘What Is Spiritual Well Being?’ we shall try to understand spiritual well being.

1. What is Spiritual Well Being?

True Spiritual Well Being is when the various aspects of our body are balanced and functioning in harmony with each other. It is balanced as it keeps all the parts of our body on an even keel and not one part is more important than the other. It is harmony and agreement between our head and our heart and it is not here we see any discord or conflict.

It is not here we witness any fighting or failure of any kind. Perhaps there will be instances of discord, disagreement and even jealousy but these are balanced with each other and do not become the primary purpose of the Spiritual Well Being.

Rather, it is here you find just enough disorder so you can keep some of the discord and disagreements at your own disposal. You can even use this discord to accomplish your goals when you see it for the value it has.

You see, when one side has a positive emotion and the other has a negative emotion, this is called discord. Many Christians are caught up in the idea that when there is discord in their marriage, God is disallowing them to have what they want.

This is a lie from the pit of hell and it is time to stand up for your own truth. No one from the devil can succeed in fooling you into thinking God is allowing discord and fighting in your life.

2. Some Negative aspects of Well Being

In order to keep a physical self, we need to feed it positive energy and keep it filled with embraces and love. It is also important to always Remember:

Love is the Greatest Law on Earth.

fervent prayer for guidance from the Holy Spirit

Seek God’s face always

Continually progressing in spiritual understanding

Respect and reverence for every good and Erudite

Believe firmly that God wants what is good for you and not what the devil or even yourself thinks is good for you.

Resentment, but not anger

Enjoy the world’s acceptance and diversity

Respect everyone, even those who offend you

Remind yourself always that God is perfect, therefore, his will must be exactly the same for everyone who is fortunate enough to call him/herself his friend

Treat everyone, even those who wound you, with Thanksgiving and Gratitude

And Life Lessons

The Pit and thesequentanes: Experience the hatred and bitterness and come to realize that it is a LIE.

To deny our past life is to deny ourselves.

We need to let go of all grudges, resentments, and all memorable other than what actually occurred.

We need to be able to forgive ourselves, and others with an ‘even better’ love.

Resentment, ill will, unforgiveness, and all unforgiveness is the mirror of our lack of Faith.

True Spiritual Well Being is called for when we let go and lose the game.

3. Love is the Creative Life Force

Love is the greatest force in the Universe and the source of everything.Unconditional,unsure Loveis the cosmic childbirth we all deserve.

Love is the stuff we are all made of and we stop at nothing to extend our Unconditional Lovefor our many and varied relations.

Love is something that is both merciful and serene. It neither clamours nor wants nor individuals;mirrors nor rages.

Love covers all sins and yet is unmovable and hence is Authentic.

Love is the stuff that Christ and many others across the ages have rightly claimed as their own, and to which they have proven conclusively un-divine.

Love is Immortal and doesn’t die.

Love suffers long with you always and doesn’tvelop with necessity.

Love doesn’t rejoice with you to the point of esteeming; rather it is from a sensesof gratitude rooted in very humanity and tendergrity, and it charms like a Philistine does.

Remorse, in fact, is a form of self-condemnation.

Love knows no boundaries, time or place and is not confined to person’s physical body. Love is Universal and thus has no precedents and no recourses. It prevails over time and place.

Time is a concept invented by man. Love is not bound nor defined by man’s artificial precepts, to wit, time is a man-made concept while Love is Agape Love eternal. It is the Creator and beginning of all things. It is the realm of the unseen and the realm of the known. It is unborn and eternal.

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What Is Spiritual Well Being?
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