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What Is Spiritual Healing?

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The word healing itself is uniquely defined by two definitions: 1) the process of bringing health to an individual or part of the body, and 2) the condition causing or resulting from an intervention, including healings, philosophies, and doctrines. Thus, a healing is meant to bring or bring to a group of people a particular healing that is intended to help everyone standing in need of such care. The health care that is meant for a particular person may not be understood by everyone and is only realized by those involved in the healing process.

Healings, as a form of intervention, are also put in place in groups. These groupings are either called seminars, workshops, conferences, or teleconferences and can last for a specific amount of time. Once the purpose for the gathering is known and the healing process begins, no one is permitted to leave until the end of the time allocated for the gathering. The healing that is only brought about because of the intervention point may run out before the end of the given period or beyond.

This brings another point out to light: the health problems or illnesses suffered by those who attend these seminars and conferences are not their own. These problems are brought on by the release of energies and emotions held in the minds and bodies of the participants. Thus, only a part is their own, and even then, if a part were to leave the gathering before the healing begins, the part will realize and feel confusion, resistance and forsaking.

The Secret Place

InAME, we also find the gods who rules over the spiritual world and keep balance in that world. Many of these gods have humans form in their forces, though, not everyone is aware of their presence. These gods, the secret protectors and masters, in other words, the spirit forces, maintain the balance of the entire world.

The Secret Place, a location chosen by the gods, is the center of the physical world. All things found within this place are considered holy, and held as sacred by the gods. This includes the human bodies, the planets, the stars, and all the natural resources, human and non-human, that exist in the world. There is also a place within the humans called “heaven”, which means a concentrated area of higher consciousness. This place is said to be the ultimate place to experience true happiness, unconditional love, total acceptance and total surrender to the Gods true will for those who choose to make it so.

The Secret Place, encompassing both the physical and non-physical planes, is considered, by many sages, the ultimate objective when seeking enlightenment. When entering this realm, it is believed that true enlightenment is not required to be fully enlightened. As one spiritual teacher put it, “While you are busy with your human affairs, you are not busy at all”. The goal is a state of harmony within and around the physical form itself, and even more, a state where the presence of the divine is felt sweeping the entire universe. Spiritual wisdom means to experience this all-encompassing state at any moment one is present. Our long history of search for enlightenment shows how difficult this can be. Enlightenment means to be in the midst of one’s problems, yet not fixed within them. Enlightenment is to be found amidst all of life’s circumstances, not within them.

The Secret Place is not the promised land of all faiths. Though a certain freedom from suffering is claimed to exist here, it is not permanent, just as the air you breathe is not the air you crave. This realm is a stop gap, a temporary realm where an individual’s state of mind is Lented out to higher forces until a greater good is achieved. You will realize what the secret place is when you are there. It is not a place where you stay permanently, but rather a period where an extraordinary presence of the divine is allowed to do its work on you. Archangel Michael guides those present in this place.

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What Is Spiritual Healing?
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