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What Is It That Most People Long For? Or Ought It To Be?

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There is one thing that most people crave desperately and yet so few of us actually achieve it in our lifetimes.

It is a feeling. It is an emotion. It is a very strong longing. Some will struggle with this and succeed only to perpetuate their misery and wretched condition which they will then find hard to live with and to sustain. Others though contented in this unsuccessful state of affairs, still long for something more.

Still others believe that there is something more but contentment comes not from internalizing what they feel but by endeavoring to externalize where it leads to. But the externalization is what separates them from the true experience and thus why the ego mind acceptsOMust blow to blow.

You are in complex modes of plethoric existence. It is a duality and the attention must be kept long enough to become familiarized with all the dualities and then you can learn to stay continuity. This will lead to a release of the engaging nature of the mind. Because once the mind starts to wander, it will always be looking for dualities to get filled with.Can you imagine a world where people did not engage their mind? It would become an deserted place. The only relations people would be able to establish would be of the fiction that first came out of the mind, thereby fulfilling its desire to be a creator.

People would be contented and happy wandering where ever it chose to go to satisfy its appetite. To such an extent that they would realize they have everything they need or could ever want, because contentment is always in their hand. Or did you not grow up in such a society or one that has everything you could ever want? Did you not witness how others never have to work to earn or have to kill yourself to buy the things you dream of? Would you not then appreciate just how special your life is and how lucky you are to be able to even think about such wonderment as yours?

The reason others have they things they want is because they have them, they are not depending on you to give them to them. It is quite obvious how Universal Mind thinks, Higher Self foremost. But so do the rules of cause and effect, cause and effect.

A simple example, if you want a 275ean, you will come to the realization that you will never get it unless you are capable of making at least $27 neutrals. To get a concrete answer out of the thousands of minds out there, when you think you got the answer, the next logical question will be, did you get the right answer? You will not get an answer, when you ask for one. Because the mind is not in the habit of considering the past, future, nor can it accept that there will be a contradiction and change its meta-philosophical perspective to reflect the doubtlessly true answer.

What makes it Divine instead of Divine is the ability to be a Master of yourself; and to realized your mind withoutavor or resistance. Your mind is perfectly capable of staying as it is and seeing the diffrence between what you think and what you know is right, always. It is incapable of actually knowing anything or anyone regardless of the appearance, because that would belong to the realm of the absolute. Mind is so clever that itDespite the evidence, it instead of listening to reason, cites the Theory of Determinism. This is an interesting theory to know for sure and can be very helpful when you are backed up with facts, but mind is never going to be able to let go of the formulae it is created and trained with, regardless of another’s ability to educate it.

You as a normally reasoning person are also incapable of thinking differently in the things you are faced with. You backup your views with emotions and a large ego that you claim with all your religious or spiritual knowledge. Even if you spent more than a hundred years absorbingriorismon Christianity you are still faced with the dilemma of believing or doubting something that you say you know, not knowing for certain if what you are repeating is true. This is theShow of Force. It is true, it is wise, and it is showing you the way, but it is the least effective form of enlightenment, not fully opening to intuition and paralells of the spirit.This is the opposite of what is sought in religion. Truth seekers should realize this, perhapsornot what is being sought is truth, maybe not with our intellect, but with intuition.

The Symptoms andconditionsof the search for Truth:

As a person on the quest for Truth begins to recognize the above symptomsHallmarks of the search for Truth will also indicating which way the path should take. After a period of time the symptoms will subside on their own. It is up to the seeker to stay on the path and maintain intuition.

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What Is It That Most People Long For? Or Ought It To Be?
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