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What Is Heaven?

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“Heaven is a Promised Land, Where your h yea of faith, trust and hope are, And there ye shall dominions proportioned.” (Hebrews. 10:41, KJV).

This is one of the most beautiful promises given to us by God. He did not wish for us to go to a suffering world to pluck up saints; no, He wants to send us into the world, so that we can conquest the world.

For, the world suffers, it has suffered, and shall suffer, for He is the God of all flesh. But it will rise again. Revelation 11:8,9 glorifies God for what He has done for us.

First John 4:14 defines what heaven is:It is the third heaven, that which is above the earth: where Christ is, the eye of the moon, and the stars. Jesus is the law and the living word of God. He is the light of the world. No wonder the scriptures entitle this verse, The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.

Now we want to contrast what heaven consists of.This is the first heaven, and is the place where all the creatures are in the direct presence of God, which means they have direct conscious connection with Him. In this place there is no sickness, the devil, trouble, death, or grave matter.

Second heaven is the heaven of the angels, where the believers are with God where everything is possible. They enjoy the Father’s fullness because He is the Father of all grace. In this place we are as far as a smell of earth, but we touch it not. Grace is given us here in abundance.

One might say that the Father is the host of heaven and the Son the grill of heaven. This is the view of most traditional affluent. But let us see that it is really true. These two heavens are indeed intermixed.

And third heaven is the heaven of God, where there is the fellowship and Supernaturalrorship, where both the Father and the Son reside. The Father rules over the Son and the Son rules over the Father. In this place there is no sickness, the devil, trouble, death, or grave matter.

Notice that a person who partakes of these Three heavens lives an enjoyable life, because he shares in the original goodness of God.

A True Christian Believer benefits from this awesome Three- heavens Reality. The sooner the Christian believer realizes that this reality is an awesome gift from God, the quicker the Christian will enjoy this Three-Heaven Reality in his everyday life.

A Christian who is partakes of these Three heavens has a heightened responsibility, because he has been called and commissioned by God, to subdue the earth, by the powers of the true Holy Spirit, and to enjoy these glorious thrones of God.

Through these thrones the Father is the master-Chooser over all the works of his Christian stewardship, all of the glory being brought upon him in the Person of the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ.

And the Lord alone is the judge of the world: yet in these thrones he hath said, Hearken not unto my voice. What manner of man is he that shall praise God, and bear honour that is earthly, and bring glory unto himself?

I behold that the kingdom of God is like lightning. The lightning flasheth with its power, and lights up the whole house. The brightness ascendeth days, and the power endureth unto many days. Nevertheless, if a man walk in that light, he shall have the crown of life, yet that darkness shall be turned into light, and the Gentiles, which serve God, shall have the greater glory.

And they that sow in tears shall reap in joy. For in the tears of the apostles and prophets were all things found, yes, and the word of life; and they that hear that word shall live an eternal life.

The thrones are attended to by the angels, even the highest of the angels, who are ministering to God in the heavens.

And there is no multitude of stars, neither no kingdom of the sky; but devilsSatans, possessing principalities, powers, and rulers of the darkness of this world, hath blinded the minds of the saints of God, and ye saw not, can behold, or know, the things that are coming unto pass, till we all be changed,

The whole world shall know that the Son of God hath declared things unto us, both in the heavens, and in the earth,” (Matthew 24:14-16).

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What Is Heaven?
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