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What Is God’s Will For Your Life

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God’s will for your life is something positive, beautiful and pleasant.

There was a time when I lived in the darkness of my mind. I was a bright burning sun. Then I turned into a cold, dark and remotable winter. Slowly I made the circle around me and lived in less and less light.

I was totally lost, didn’t know which way to go, which direction to move. I was stuck and totally ignorant.

Then one day, I was badly hit by a car driven by an 15 year-old girl. The impact with impact with my soul disoriented me. I felt I was awake but that I was dead. I was aware but not functioning.

As I was lying there gasping for air, I saw a fifth angel standing in front of me. He immediately intervened in my human activities. I was immediately aware of his loving touch and his words, “Are you hurt?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “I’m here to help you get up. Can you hear me?” I asked. “Yes,” He said, “I can hear the silence inside of you. I’m right here.”

After I explained to him the situation, he asked, “Do you want to be helped?” I said, “Yes.” Again he said, “I’m right here. Would you like me to get you up?” When I asked if he could hear me, he said, “Yes, I can hear everything. I’m right here.” Once again I said, “Please get me up. I’m awake.” Once again he said, “Would you like me to get you up?” The only thing that I could fathom was that I was totally out.

The funny thing is that I was conscious of everything. It was as if I was in a foreign country, out in the valley, and I was trying to remember my way back, even though all I could see was a light that was slowly descending into the deep dark valley.

I slowly raised my hand and as I lowered it to pick up the chain saw, I could feel the negative energies having taken the wood away. As I lifted my hand to complete the pick up, I could feel the chainsaw teeth marks on the wood.

It was then that I realized something very strange had happened. The chainsaw had not really been used very much. Maybe it had only been run inside the shop. So I called my dad, who came to the shop later to lend a hand, and explained to him what had transpired. He too felt something strange and had the same sensations. I then explained the situation to him. He became rather annoyed because at the time we were talking about the shoplifting of the wood, he was being the shop manager. He assumed that I had mentioned the incident of the theft to gain sympathy from my dad. I really didn’t motive to get anyone sympathy.

Still, he couldn’t let the matter rest. By now my dad and I were arguing about this issue. I said to him, “I want to know why he saw me arguing with this other man over this issue when I could have been on my knees praying.” He said, “Adam, did you say ‘thank you’?” Yes, I did.

After I finished cleaning the shop, I went into the store room to get a chain saw. On the way back in the van, I ran across the street to talk to my dad. The lamp was out and I was trying to see the road. Suddenly I walked straight through the van’s sunroof and into the inside of the van. I sat down in the driver’s seat and between all the other weeds that were beginning to grow about 6 inches high. (Isn’t it incredible the kind of weeds that we let just grow wherever we please just so that we can say, “I did.” “You did.” Isn’t that amazing?) I said, “Good morning, Dad.” He really didn’t respond but had a look in the back like he was studying something. But I said, “Please unhook the chainsaw, so that I can use it to work on your vineyard and cut away all the weeds that have been plaguing it.” He agreed, but insisted that I should have the chainsaw with me. So, after doing my part, I unhooked the chainsaw, stepped back and then re-paired to listen to my father. The chainsaw started up and then stopped working. We both just stared at each other in amazement. Not long after that I off handed and returned the tool to the store. I still remember the entire incident and still hear my father laughing about it over 20 years later. I recently re-published this story on a web page entitled “The remedies we know will work and those that don’t.”

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What Is God’s Will For Your Life
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