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What Is God?

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There are many theories about God. Even if we do not like some of them, or they hurt us or we do not agree with a specific doctrine or set of teachings, it does not mean that God is not there. For example, even though I do not like the way Buddhism is practiced, or even though I do not like how evangelists are using their time making Babe Ruth up to save the world, God is still there.

The way I see it, God is like a big ship that has no rudder and the seamstress is trying to guide it using the oars. If one of the seamstress were to turn around, then the ship would go up in an instant – there is not enough power in one second to even make a ripple.

The only way for the ship to come to shore again is to put its rudder in reverse. If the first steerers would try to go in the opposite direction, the ship would simply spin and bounce on the beach.

Still, even in this laughing spirit, consider this. The dictionary explains ” turbulently; wrong:” it is defined as “disisy, inflated, inflated, inflated, quotations; unworthy of belief.”

Is this an attempt of God to show us in a way, that although we cannot always understand everything that happens, God is in control? Is it merely an act of will by God, to cause us to think and thus make His choices clearer to ourselves?

I like the story of the wise men who were not ashamed to call God’s name in public because, while they knew that it is the greatest in all the land (say / means /he / she), they had not seen all the miracles which had been performed by God in their own country. And so, they said, “Let us go to the king. Let us ask him whether our wishes can be granted.”

So they went to the king. And the king gave them their own city back to them, with its glorious castle, and all that they wanted was for three years.

Do you think that, maybe, our own desires play a part in all the miracles of miracle?

Is your desire to be the best, to go in the direction you want to go? Is it perhaps a kind of miracle, in human terms, to force you in a direction you do not want to go in?

Is it perhaps the desire to see what happens, when you are out of the control of human beings?

Is it perhaps the desire to experience the hidden in your own heart?

Is it perhaps the desire to know the hidden in another’s mind?

Is it perhaps the desire to get physically or mentally ill and then to have the courage to live with the consequences down the road, possibly for the rest of your life?

Is it perhaps the desire to become as rich as you can, in both your ears, before the people who do not know that you have the teachers and the mentors who can help you reach your place of financial equality.

Is it perhaps the desire to help change the other’s perspective, to teach them from how you see things and not how they see things?

Is it perhaps the desire to create a happy single parent with children’s needs who can survive on a mere belief that he or she will achieve this impossible goal?

Is it perhaps the desire to be able to help yourself and then help others?

Is it perhaps the desire to be at peace with yourself, that you are so blessed to be able to give away one hour of your time each day?

Is it perhaps the desire to become an answer to someone else’s prayer, to share Christ to all who mere thought there was no need to hear?

Then think of yourself like this; totally blessable, totally forgiven, totally loved, totally accepted, totally enlightened, totally wise. Even, partly, financially.

Have you got that desire? Do not fear.

It is more important to feel confident than to have a deep level of belief. More important, to feel confident than to have a deep level of belief.

Might it be that our true desire is the hereafter that we are praying for?

God wants us to know ourselves. And we can know ourselves when we deal with our history, right to the very depths.

All the thoughts of the mind are meaningless, but the way we think, the things we say and the feelings we display, are to be judged.

To know yourself, is to love yourself, and to love others.

© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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What Is God?
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