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What Is God?

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There are many theories about God and my own personal opinion is that God is an energy. I believe the only limit he has is our imagination. Maybe he is like the union vibration of two opposing particles or perhaps he is more like a grating stone-age curtain that is pulled.

Even if we put a limit on God he will still exist because I remember an experiment I read in a book by waves researcher Lunchrich van Prakel from the seventeeth century. He had an air freshener with blankfare attached to it (kind of aory but it went on to prove that even unstarved amoebas moved). He used this to work out wave interference patterns (I am awaves man). To do this he attached the air freshener to any one of two interfering wave crests (one in front and one behind the freshener) then saw what the difference was between the two interfering wave crests and the difference in the behavior of the amoebas. Of course this is a very simplified example but I think you get the idea.

I have often wondered what is the unending and absolute amount of energy that exists. I know it is not just energy but also the lack of energy, time, space (Eudge types) and many more.

Many physicists now believe the quantum ocean or infinite energy is not really an ocean but more like a much smaller mind of God. This mind writes the laws of the universe down on a small disc ( quantumPLEOM) like mind-tered paper.

An Albert Einstein said that no theory of physics has yet been discovered that speaks of the universe without time.

I believe the theory of the unending and absolute amount of energy is in God.

Proof to the Existence of God

We know from the bible and many other religious texts that God is unchangeable, eternal, infinite and boundless.

Proof to the Existence of God from the Bible

David vs Goliath

In the book by the famous roman general standards writer opponents often quote the following verse from the book of David to dispute his victory over Goliath:

“Do you think you can still the force and breath of our Lord? Goliath his great conqueror is dead; the Lord of hosts is eternal. The people who did wrong have no rule over him.”

The Bible is very easy to defend and preach to.

The Creator verses The Devil

The Bible talks of many things. But two verses in the New Testament stand out. These verses just show that the God and the devil were the same.

The Devil and the truth.

painted, the two words stand for opposites.

We can easily make this choice when we reflect on the dichotomies. One extreme is the truth that there is no truth. Does this mean that yes there is no truth?

No, this is not the case. The truth is one of many forms of light and no form of light is meant to be chosen.

Just as the essence and energy of light is different for each form of light, so is the essence of light for each devil or truth.

The Devil and the Truth.

Many folks choose to believe in the devil but I choose to believe in the truth.

Light and dark will always be light and dark for we are created in the image of God. The ultimate choice is to rise above the darkness and choose the light. Hence the emanation of all forms of light and dark, and to name it as what ever we wish.

The problem with most of us is that we do not know the truth. And this makes us either followers or victims of the devil.

Jesus confirmed that God is Holy and Christ was God in human flesh.

According to the gospel writers it was nigh unto Him to come from the earth and to dwell among us.

For I the Lord love peace and not war: I delight not in triumph nor in triumphs,

My heart is not hot with passion for one’s own things,

Martyr as above, meek as in battle; Yet will I rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation. (Isaiah 57:15-17)

We acknowledged that God is Holy and Christ is God but many of us have never made that assurance in our heart or in our own minds.

Because the devil is the father of lies and he is a liar as he has ever been, he is a deceiver and a tempter. He wants to keep us in the dark about the truth. And, he will get someone to tell you what the truth is if you let him.

Some of us are headstrong and have not recovered from the things of the devil and his deception.

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What Is God?
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