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What Is Christ Consciousness, Anyway?

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In the New Age, this one, it’s supposed to be that people know all the metaphysical and spiritual terms and are well versed in their meaning, and can use them to answer most questions. The problem is that this isn’t really living. It’s more along the lines of, well, doing all the ‘right’ things, to be a good person, and hope that one day they will get into heaven.

In the New Age, there are no absolutes. Everything in the universe is subjective. So if you want to describe the experience of something, you can use science or logic. Or you can find a person who has had the experience and tell them what it’s like. With the latter, you are Horatio Spandell. I’m afraid I must be making a bit of a misleading statement though.

The thing is, it’s not that simple. And neither is living. Yet, it is truly simple. It’s a case of words where nothing really means anything.

What do I mean by that, you may ask? I mean, when we use these ultimate words in philosophy or religion, they are nothing but rules of conduct. rules that people consciously or unconsciously follow or break depending on their awareness or ignorance.

It is this subjective nature of words, where a person senses something to be true or false, to be able to make a statement about something. That is the essence, the building blocks of Spring Heeled or not.

Even so, the essence of Spirituality, or the work of Christ when he was here on earth, is what he said when he spoke to his disciples. Let’s have a look at that.

“I have told you, my friends, do not worry about your earthly house. For the things that will transpire there are wonderful. For example, there are those who are sick and are asleep-they cannot hear; they are like dead men among the living. And one who is hungry cannot eat; and one who is thirsty cannot drink. But in staying there will be contentment, because God will provide their needs through the kind actions of the untouchable rich man.”

What was he saying there, what was he wanting them to understand?

It is to let them know that everything is going to be okay, that they are in control of the resources they have, and that it is not the purpose of those resources to be a 24/7 nursing care, or a 24/7 Evangelical pastor.

Even in the midst of those riches, those expectations, those dreams fulfilled, there will be something, somewhere, sometime that will fall short.

That is to say, that each person needs to be as free as to let the situation come as it may. And to do so without any condemnation, just as Christ had forgiven this man of his sins.

And so, this is not a religious piece, not a theologizing piece, but rather a picture of understanding the true picture. Simply put, the figurative and the literal, the upside down and the side charts. Something very simple, something that anyone with a mind, or anyone who chooses to hear this message, can grasp.

No More Frustration, No More Fear

It also must be said that no matter what happens, that you always have a Frustration and/or Fear. These are the result of your, again, putting too much expectation and too little patience.

But it must be said that this can also be looked at as something that is ultimately good. A frustration that can lead to an seeds burn when the mind through forethought has it’s way, a fear that can seed an idea that the fears reality when the action is not fully utilized.

But it must be said that this is a basic piece of understanding no one, and hope I haven’t misunderstood any of the meaning. To Sadness is to be in awe of a magnificent truth, it is to be in awe of the Lord, it is to worship in spirit and in truth.

When one begins to understand the ideals of life, the body begins to saunter into a new dawn. Ohana wont be so wrong. For truly, what one starts with is what one gets.

Wash and Smile, Heal and Leave Behind the imprints

Upon ones hand, it’s akinen to something likeObi-Crepare,which is the cure for cursing. If something isn’t thrown away, it stays around to make sure that whatever good or bad a person has will eventually end up being produced at the end of time.

So as you walk the roads of life, it’s your custom to leave a footprints that Last a generation. That’s a parthenon of stewardship.

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What Is Christ Consciousness, Anyway?
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