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What If Creation Is Unraveled By Intrinsic Expectations?


Part of the problem with most Christians is that they tend to think in a very limited way. They think in a very tangible way with a tangible result that is easy to see. But even they admit that if they become a little bit more spiritual they will be better able to visualize the big picture. They will be better able to substitue their thoughts for the Word. But they forget that is one of the characteristics of the human mind. It is not formed like a piece of clay. It does not have the ability to gather together and think like a crystal.

At best a person can form an opinion and even a judgment. But if you are always immersed in the mindset of being a Christian as Christians you will be very limited to what you can know for sure. The Christian understanding of the Word will lean toward a certain narrow minded set of meanings. In short, if you do not know what the Word saysAbout EVERYTHING, you do notAnd cannot rightly divide the word of truth.

The following questions are intended to help you with your Christian thinking:

1. What is my opinion?

2. What conclusion am I looking for?

3. What am I told consistently in church?

4. How do I study or process the Word?

5. What does the end say about my situation?

When something is within the spiritual realm and something is in the natural realm, the following guidelines can help determine the probable outcome:

1. If the action was positive what does it mean?

2. If the action was negative what does it mean? Does it have a cause? If Not, why?

3. What does the Word preach against? What are the negative things that will hinder my spiritual progress?

Here is an example of a possible negative outcome of an action undesired by the Word of God.

A young man does something that is not pleasing to his parents and to society in which he lives. He does not get into trouble with his parents but away from home and surrounds himself with friends who think badly of him. Because of this, he does not grow up to be a responsible Christian as he should and as an adult he does something that is not wanted by his parents or anyone else for that matter. He is not able to live up to the example set by his parents in raising his life in the Christ. He ends up back where he started though conditional love. This is the same way with people who do notenery forth with a productive life.

Some parents want their children to go to church every time the church doors are open. Other parents want their children to go to church but they don’t know what to do when the children go and neither does anyone else. There is a scripture in the Bible called, “That if thou shalt call earnestly on the Lord thy God, He will hear and he will save thee.” This means that you were looking for a certain thing from God, He did not deliver that thing to you in a clear message. God still wants the same thing from you even though you may not understand now.

Going to church is not mandatory. However, you are not required to go to church and you should not be required to go to church unless you want to.

Going to church (the building) is not fulfilling the requirements that the Lord has laid upon you to attend church. Those who go to church and would do anything to avoid going to church are not following the righteous requirements of the Lord. If the requirements to go to church are too much to overcome, you may consider other options to get closer to God.

Since you have known the Lord for a long time in your life you are well accustomed to His instructions. Though you may not understand all that is being said to you, the instruction is still clear.

The lessons the Lord is teaching you can be heard in His daily teachings, the Bible and in exceptional occasions in the lives of others.

The teachings of the Lord concerning your life are to be found in His written Word as well as the messages he receives through the Holy Spirit. When you study the Bible, you are able to retrieved these teachings easily.

In this last decade everyone has graduated from high school. This is the last decade in which you can expect the majority of people to be able to read and understand the written Word of God. Because of this, you ought to make the effort to learn the Word of God for your daily use.

This course of action calls for you to fill your heart with the Word of God everyday. It is also based on the assurance of the Lord. The written Word in itself can direct you to anywhere you need to go and in the right direction.

It is your responsibility to find the Right Path in following the Right Path that will lead to Fulfilling your Destiny and Passion.

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What If Creation Is Unraveled By Intrinsic Expectations?
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