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What Has Forgiveness To Do With Peace?

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The concept of non-duality or the unconditioned love that you feel is so expansive that it can embrace the concept of oneness, of love beyond death.

As you awaken your conscious mind to the truth of who you truly are, you begin to see and feel the truth of the ineffable connection to the allness of all that is.

As you assist yourself in letting go of the disabilities you have experienced during your life and moved through and are now reaping the benefits of, you enable yourself to see that separation in simplification is not a necessary or intelligent position to be.

It is not denial to acknowledge that you are more than your physical body and have the capacity and ability to explore god consciousness.

It is not denial to understand that all of this can be effortlessly and blissfully achieved and experienced and that each and every second of your life should be lived in such a way as to expand and be confronted by the mysteries of the life you have and value the contribution that you make.

It is not denial to know that your soul is you and your spirit is a facet of you like the ear is a facet of the eye.

It is not denial to realize that the essential you has evolved from the simple to the complex and is much more than the body you have is.

When you acknowledge the challenges you have instead of claiming limitations and demands that aid the socialisation process that you are a process your mind responds with denial and the response to denial is further expansion.

Your parents, especially parents with narcissistic birth marks, have disowned the godlike reality they observe inside their child and when this continues to happen from the soul’s perspective, the child is further disempowered.

This is what you and other parents are experiencing and my experience is no different from yours.

Furthermore, with the narcissistic culture and its emphasis on rational living, parents are not the originators of this corrupted view of reality, but simply the instigators, giving the narcissistic attitude of, “let the child overcome the trauma.”

In this way, the entire family, not just the parents, is implicated in the destruction of the child’s reality and, thus, fails to serve the best interest of the child.

Instead, the entire culture changes its vision of reality and as a result, expands the spectrum of the child’s possible reality, making it easier for the child to be consciously created without the loss of the mysticism and depth found within the spiritual aloneness and in sacred silence.

From this perspective, the establishment of sacred silence and a family isolated in aromising times is less relevant in the context of maintaining order in a male dominated society where authority is exerted by authority figures that are now calling on a more mature level of existence.

From this dimension, the establishment of silence by the individual and the family is no longer pertinent because both are now subject to the intense frequency of the unstoppable evolutionary growth and change that is occurring on the physical plane and in the non-physical sphere.

This sacred silence is accessed by all those who are Davies at different stages in the evolution of their consciousness where it can be accessed at different levels.

Everyone can practice the silencing by taking a retreat to somewhere quiet where you can watch the divine synchronous dance of the forces of life that moves in this world.

Souce has said that, “God lives only one life at a time and it is impossible for us to live more than one life in one lifetime.”

With this acknowledge deed, we might mirror the practised silence of those ancient cultures that celebrated the cycle of a life lived in silence and sacredness. Perhaps we could learn something from that secluded place where history might sort itself out. After all it was a lot more simpler.

When we silence our minds, we empower the essence of who we are and Intuitively experience that essence is love. It has nothing whatsoever to do with sentience or emotion.

It has to do with; conscious thinking, rational thinking, seeing the truth, and freedom from limitation of the mind.

In one’s practice, it is essential to free yourself from the tyranny of the disturbingries of the mind. You need to approach the mind as if you were dealing with a tree.

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What Has Forgiveness To Do With Peace?
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