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What Gifts Are You Receiving?

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It’s true we all have the same spirit, the spirit of God, which is the universal energy that is everywhere and in everything. The vibrations of this energy are, for the most part, stayed in our own space and we can’t really communicate it to others unless we really open our hearts. Then the gifts begin to flow.

How are the Creator’s gifts showing up in your life today?

Those who are very aware of the unlimited nature of the universe will have these gifts showing up in their lives in ways that support their blossoming spiritual growth. Others may just be noticing that those things aren’t in place when they expected them to be.

I found this quote that is around a key turning in my life this week that really helped me pay attention to the flow of gifts when I noticed it.

“The flow of gifts is like a river, it flows to the sea and then disappears.”

Sometimes our attention is blocked by the work of the day – we can’t see the flow of gifts!

This is where a bigger sense of You, Your gifts and Your purpose comes to the fore. These gifts are already there – just waiting to be noticed.

The key turning point for me this week was when my husband enumerated the gifts that had been given to him over the years. I then had to trust the message that was being received to be true. It took a while. At the time e didn’t make sense. It seemed out of sequence.

What eventually began to make sense was that gifts are being given to us to assist us in our growth and awareness and they often come in unexpected ways. So often, we notice the gifts when they aren’t there.

In this case, my attention was drawn to a work of art that is called an ornaments box. I had been staring at one to be exact for quite a while. Then I started hearing my inner guidance saying, “It’s time to write about these gifts.” So I did!

The ornaments box turned out to be the inspiration for my first book,Unveiled: The Angels and the Goddesses whom Carla had helped me to understand and love.The process for writing my book also provided the background for my next two books which have been on helping others work through their own mysteries and pain so that they can release those blocks and pain and begin to heal.

In this writing format, I’m using the six virtues in a group of virtues calledThe Sayings of the Wise: Stillness, Insight, Wisdom, Strength, Power and Justice. I chose these six virtues because they seemed to come naturally to me. I also Adoring Numerology. I could not, however, use them in this book, so I turned to number ten, Justice.

My reading of the Ten Steps of Healer Empowerment and the Perfection of Love led me to number eleven, Power. I found I had the ability to speak to Goliath- The 11th banished entity! He was the one who told me I must be bold and confrontational. I told my inner self, ” Adore11!”

I began to hear my inner self speak to me. It brought tears to my eyes as I recalled my sister and I talking about getting revenge on those who have hurt us. It brought memories of my younger days.

Then I started to see visions. I saw myself and my sister and our friends standing in the woods brandishing our swords and spears and musketeers. We were laughing and cheering.

I then saw a line stretched out in front of us seven feet high, and an eagles high above that line. In the exact center was a campfire. In the campfire were fields of corn and beans, and in the fields were fields of identical wildflowers.

I was amazed. I stood in the exact center of the picture with my friends. As we reached each field, we would yell out in aloud, beginning with the South, “Walk to the North.”

I walked to the North and stopped in front of a field of corn, as quiet as if someone was stone coldlyStanding there, directing me. “Tssssssshhheeeird!”

I was frozen and couldn’t move.

Just then a owl was flying towards us. It stopped near us and hovered there, not flying but upright in the air.

Just then the campfire appeared. ELF stood there proudly in his wooden flying Nimbus.

We all cheered and clapped.

” Generation Why?”

” Generation Why?” we all yelled in unison.

ELF, in his great Old Testament voice, spoke once again, “For Shamira’s Sake….”

Then Silence was once again filled with the awesome Power and Great Loyalty of ELF and the LION KING!

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