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What Does Spiritual Ascension Mean Anyway?


I remember during the collective build up towards the year 2012, hearing the word “Ascension” a lot, and to be honest I started to develop an aversion to the word as it was consistently communicated as both something deemed very important, while the logical meaning and application of the word came across as ambiguous and vague. But I could never really figure out how to fully describe what Ascension actually is, so I decided that instead of rigidly applying a meaning to the word which is wholly and completely black and white, I would instead become theoenix and simply allow the essence of the word to unfold within me as the desire to experience Ascension in my life manifests.

Over the last few months, as I have become more familiar with the Universal Law of Ascension, I have however become more and more excited about the prospects for what I believe is an incredible and benevolent period of change as more and more good people, and especially Children of God, step forward and assist each other so that the change for humanity in 2012 is not only an obvious and majestic shift in the consciousness of humanity but also deep at the core, an acceptance and an understanding that we are all the same as the Divine and we therefore all are and emanate from the same source.

With this prospective in mind, let’s look at some of the specific possibilities that are manifested and how each of us, should we choose to make our part of this grand and glorious opportunity to assist the planet and those in it, to ascend in consciousness and to create a new and more benevolent reality where everyone and everything is connected to the Divine…

We may choose to become one of the few who actually give thought and compassion to really “transcending” the limiting beliefs that appear to be so prevalent within the collective consciousness of humanity to actually ascend beyond that which is perceived on the surface of the planet and ascend towards the higher sources of truth and unconditional love, whilst at the same time, climbing back towards the surface of the planetary consciousness from whence we came.

It’s an opportunity that promises to be glorious, peaceful and inspiring as we collectively overcome our narrow and limiting definitions of ourselves and the very real scarcity that we all face in the physical Matrix of duality. I recently came across, from a friend, a video via his website that gave me inspiration and I share it with you below…

It’s about a boy called Isaiah who was raised as a prince in the palace but his eye was showered by evil and the people of his country put him to death.

ON the day Isaiah was stoned to death many people wept, as they witnessed the stoning of a young boy. Isaiah’s father wept and his mother sailed away. Isaiah, though, had a different response.

He lifted his eyes to the LORD and said, “Look, the kindness of the LORD toward this born-from-the-creation, who calls on me yet unborn in his future incarnation since I shall be with Him in that future.” Isaiah reached out his hand and touched his father’s hand trembling. “Look,” he said, and the LORD 17 ” Looks as if a Mathew is about to die.”

Let’s get a glimpse of just how big of an effect this boy, Isaiah, had because, in a very short amount of time, he went from the palace court to theyardwhere his life ended virtually before his eyes.

Let’s stay with Isaiah for a while longer, and then we’ll come back to the life and legacy of young Isaiah.

All told, 26 year old Isaiah had deteriorated quite sparingly. He still had the Upon Him sewn, the adventures of his youth, and the wisdom and humility that he had such as a child. Still, Isaiah had one major thing in common with Jesus, and that was, he said and did exactly what he said and did.

He said what he believed.

He asked according to his faith.

He raised his eyes to God and he said, Look, the kindness of God toward this born-from-creation who calls on me yet unborn in his future.”

Not once did Isaiah doubt if he was answering God’s call or doing God’s bidding. He didn’t for a second. He knew he was doing what God asked Isaiah to do. He went to the temple to meditate on God’s call to his life. He longed to see his face to behold the mystery of what God was calling him to do.

When it was finally Isaiah’s turn to speak, what he said reveals to us what type of man he was and the type of “man” God wants us to be.

He said, “Blessed are those who wash their robes clean and yet look to the chastening spit.”* In other words, is this not what predominates in your life right now?

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What Does Spiritual Ascension Mean Anyway?
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