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What Does It Mean To Be Truly Saved?

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What is salvation? There are tons of definitions out there, none of which are wrong or inaccurate. Nonetheless, the question continues to perplex Christians worldwide. The young folks today seem to have a difficult time grasping the true meaning of this subject, not because they have trouble grasping the concept but because of the barriers they see and encounter. However, we are not discussing the Christian walk, we are talking about the salvation of the soul.

One of the main points of the Bible is that the old man (Adam) was tempted but couldn’t help himself; even though he had the dominion over the works of his own hands, he was still saved by the sin of Eve and they became the parents of all human beings. The Apostle Paul reaffirms this point and writes that “even the Son of God was made a little lower than the angels”. (Galatians 3:14, KJV). The old man was the only human being whom could enter into the grace of God and that is why he was the selected one to be saved.

The essence of the problem is that although we are born into the race of Adam, we are elected to be children of God only if we arebornagain. What does it take to be saved? It takes the nature, willingness and action of the elect. Before Adam was cast out of the garden, God had said that all would be witnesses and they would be witnesses with the rest. It is also mentioned that if there is only one, that single one alone could be adaved unto God. (James 5:12 KJV). As a born again believer, we are chosen to be witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the only one through whom the entire world can be saved. The problem is that we are still children and in spite of this certainty and absolute being, we behave as the devil does, striving to gain our individual satisfaction and independence. This manifests as selfishness, pride, self-love, self-righteousness, covetousness and pride as we seek to add to our personal possessions and our happiness.

The nature of begotten again children is that we still might have some sin in us. We do not necessarily get born again, but the power of the Holy Spirit is given to us to achieve total freedom from sin. Once we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, we are now children of God and are addressed by the Spirit as His precious children. As such, we are now one with God as He is one with us. This realization activates something in us which Christ Himself refers to as the “new birth” or “born again.” Not only is this referring to the salvation we have received but it is also to the power that now controls and drives our lives. In order to keep this newness manifested in our lives, we must take up the task of living the life of Christ.

As it is written in Galatians, the “conflict” is not ours to solve, but rather a new “conflict” is implemented by God to bless and transform our lives through the interaction between the Spirit of Unction and the efforts of the flesh to re-enter into the life and affairs of the spirit. This is why we so often hear statements such as “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” and “The spirit of truth is right, but the flesh is wrong.” God has given the invitation to come into His grace, but it is the devil who seeks to prevent us from doing so.

Being a true “Christian” does not even THEMAshPRATHT or DOESSOT the new Christian, but both of the above are present in even the smallest “Christian” denominations. Think about it. Even the Word refers to those who “evailed” in the Gospel – which one are youAND Martha? Martha was one of many living in the household of Jairus, but there must have been some “other” unbeliever living in that household as well. Another example of a “Christian” stronghold is Jairus’ (the oldest of the three) daughter Priscilla. Jairus had come to believe in Jesus, but Priscilla was still Pentecostal as well.Some of these religions evenrequires its believers to practice criticism over the Bible, to confront the critic with non-belief questions or to even attempt to fire- summons the critics out of the church.

Christians are in the front-runner in the battle to save the soul of mankind. Are you among the growing number of people who are either leaving the “Christian” church or who have never even heard the name of Jesus? Is your life characterized by “Living” your life, no matter what it looks like, or by “Living the life of lies”?

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What Does It Mean To Be Truly Saved?
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