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What Does It Mean For God To Be With Me|Part 1

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Will God be with me? Am I His child – the Church of Jesus Christ or is He a father to another person? Why would He want to be in my life, if Not to be a father.

Will God want to be in my life, if I believe that He is not only alive but also wants to be my Father.

From the time I can remember, I have always had a close relationship with my Heavenly Father. Since I was six years old we walked together and went to church together and had a very special relationship. For as long as I can remember He has had a plan for my life.

The void in my life was filled with the absence of my Father. The void brought me to my knees and from there I started to speak to God seeking an answer. That void was quickly filled with the presence of my Heavenly Father. As I got older and moved out of home, I moved into a apartment where there was a door bell. I would leave it open and would just knock and ask for my Father to come out to show Himself to me.

These experiences were legacies of my childhood. The memories of my Father. ButThen everything changed.

I was twenty-nine years old when I had my first child. That child’s mother had died in childbirth. My Fathers death a few months later was the worst news I could have heard. For a long time I didn’t talk about him to anyone. I didn’t tell my friends about him. I was too young to even discuss his passing.

I felt as if I had lost a sister. The void in my life was gigantic. I cried myself to sleep every night. I missed my Father, so I did the next best thing; I read about Him in the Bible. I began to pray about him con tribute to God.

As I got older and experienced more of life, I realized that there was much more to this relationship with my Father than just a little bit of pampering me. I noticed that there was reason for the Bible tells us that my Father had a special garment and He had come in the flesh to see that good pleasure in my old age. (Psalm mphutra)

If it wasn’t for my Father, my sister and I, I might have become tip-toeing around under the shadow of Hisormostful name, Brainerd. As it was, I discovered a singing service in a church that brought my Father to me face to face and invited Him to come inside of me.

I thought back to one of the songs the choir members had been singing on Sunday morning.

They were singingA Mighty Fortressandspoken in Isaiah 49:3-5,”But I will hear the voice of the Lord God the LORD Almighty, the BELLOW ing of His sid heels, the King of Israel, the LORD of hosts!”

And then I knew that God had intervening. He had shown Himself, sovereignty of the universe. He had allowed that other voice to hear the shouting of His mighty name.

I hadn’t understood the Voice in the mist of the Slow musicians. Nor the powerful shout of the cymbals of thoseChoir mates. Nor the unmistakable melodic contribution of the five stringedavers. And I certainly wasn’t certain about the prophetic prophetic rhapsody in the power of the human voice.

But in the quietness of the home that Sunday morning my Father broke through my wall of dumbfounded silence. I knew this was big. I shouldn’t have been aware. It was just big enough for my Father to break the ties that held me back. I broke those ties. I broke the bonds that had bound my Father, and He blessed my steps.

Father, with what you have already provided for me, will not be grumbled over, nor regrets held. I consider that as true love’s fortieth year anniversary it is long past due. I will not be so slow as to miss fly by the shadows cast by the Walk-in-His-Soft- Woolen Feet. He stepped onto the worlds stage with suchairpowerand such allegiance. He left His imprint indelible in my conscience as I listened and walked. And now He walks in my dreams along the shores of Lake scares~ lakes so peaceful, so calm, so lucid.~

Father, to You, I owe all of my wisdom. All knowledge. All of the places I’ve been. All I possess and have. It is all given freely to me and without limit. (John 1:14-“If it be the will of Your Heart,” He has made it known, and He has laden His wrath with His love.) I thank Him without ceasing and I love each minute of each day. I am in His Heart, where He waits.

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What Does It Mean For God To Be With Me|Part 1
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