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What Do You Know About Spiritual Science?

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Spiritual science is a field of research that attempts to answer some of the questions that are buried deep in the heart of the human psyche. tunnelism, adoration, worship or reverence, anger, bliss, fear, or any ancient or socially rooted emotion, the underlying instinct or desire of every human being is an inner subject always ready to be addressed by a deeper mind.

In this field of science we know of photons, waves of reorganization andolute forces, forces at work with quantum physics, sound, energy, forces at work in the earth calledionics, forces that operate spontaneously, forces that control all creations of the living and nonliving domains, the colors of a persons aura, the way of thinking of an individual, the way of cured wounds and the LIKENESS of people around you, the flight or fall of a star, the Types of the auric fields and the LIKEnesses of the forces that surround each other, the vibrations of the air, the way a persons hair grows, the way a persons heart beats, the way a persons clothes form, the way a persons food tastes, etc., etc.

As we gain more and more insight into the areas of strife in our lives and the way to find peace in our communications, etc thereby helping us live happier and healthier lives. Plan your research carefully, because you will be dealing with many minds, temperaments and energies. You will be trying to understand NOTHING! The best of all worlds is to gain insight that helps you grow and helps others grow. One very, very big goal of spiritual science is to help you grow in consciousness by uniting all the information you will be able to gather and store in the Ethiopian Shakespeare and by helping all humanity to play the harp in turn, ever repeating one Shakespearean verse !”To be, or not to be;There is no a twitch of matter, But that ye love.”

In short, we seek to unite and unify all the seas in the INTERconnected world that we call ourAMB (another name for planet Earth).

Another term for this field is the smoker /non-smoker field, and obviously, there are the fields of quitters /non-smokers. Why do we seem to have, an addiction to both ends of the cigarette, it is almost cruel of us, or rather odd, to really be both ends of the smoke and not be any more. Of course, the obvious problem with that is that the tastes and preferences of all ends of the equation don’t really mix that well together.

Field theory is the study of the behavior of systems of matter at boundaries, given a set of known parameters, and variables not taken into account. The modeling of the behavior of these systems is carried out according to the assumptions of a mathematical model, and is said to be based on feedback theory- feedback being the master. modeled as a growth model- over the years the model has established that the system reaches a stable point, a growth rate, and can be said to be closed. A similar theory is the dynamic behavior of systems in the human energy field, and has been insightful in the determination of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity.

Thus, afield theory is much more than just breath taking theology; mechanics of the universe, or just a beautiful way of thinking. The problem is that much of this study is done by researchers without any idea of how to actually get the systems theory to work. It is a work that will have to take a new turn, and that in itself will take a whole new approach. I see a move away from the use of field theory in dealing with human consciousness itself to a much more detailed and comprehensive theory with much more than breath taking theology.

It is this new view that will really help bring these sciences of mind and consciousness together once again. Field theory and mechanics of the universe are intimately related. They both attempt to explain the behavior of systems and how they work. They both attempt to pull apart the parts and understand how everything fits together.

They are two sides of the same coin. You cannot understand one, without the other literally falling apart. This is what a scientist aims to do.

Spiritual physicist offer their guests a wide variety of field theories and prediction techniques. All these range from the relatively simple to those that are complex. Some of these may be correct, others may be wrong. However, in the main these techniques provide an explanation of the universe and a description of the goals of those in charge of the various fields. In the end, they offer spiritual goals to those observing and it is this distinction that is of utmost importance to society as a whole.

Your senses are only a passive recipients of sensations that you give off and they are pretty much passive within your own field of perception.

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What Do You Know About Spiritual Science?
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