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What Do You Hold In Reverence?

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In the spiritual life we reconciliation with the past and present, God forgives us. As we experience healing in the present the past becomes easier to tolerate, and from this perspective the future stands clear. Unless we face the past so we can disperse the toxins it contains we’ll never grow.

None of us would run the race if there was no sacrifice. FAITH Instills Confidence.

From the house of God, in the city of the Lord I love you. I hold your life in sacred esteem. I honor you. You are mine all of the days of your long life. I refute the claim that in ancient days a dog would have been equal to a man. In your heart you know that’s untrue. Without faith you wouldn’t be able to run. The fact that I love you means that I respect the way you live your life. I acknowledge that much of your life is being lived well and fight for the best kind of health you. I know health is a choice and I choose to live well too. Without faith you wouldn’t be able to live. This is important because the scripture says to be confident of this, if we claim to have a carnal mind and desires, we deceive ourselves. We would not boast in or defend our self in the presence of others.

I love you. I claim you in my presence. I confess that what has been is now, and that what shall be has not yet appeared; but these things I now behold, and behold as in a vision, as though I have seen them in my vision, even so shall it be at the end. Behold I have opened my eyes unto your state; I have drunk of the river of your living water. (Rev.1:7 )Nothing fails of this awesome communication, everything prospers. I’m still amazed at how quickly a simple prayer request, or ‘thought’ is fulfilled.

I blurred the line between religion and spirituality and worry I’ve caused some whiners with my questioning of faith.

The word religion implies a set of beliefs that are predetermined or in some way controlled. Someonetold me that to be religious is to have faith. That these beliefs are not to be questioned but should be embraced and address the real issues of the spirit. I had trouble with that idea.

Do you believe?

The word Spirit means an intelligent energy we call God, supernatural, infinite or perfect. I don’t accept that ‘1 Corinthians 14:35’ description of spirit as anything other than the flavor of the month. This text has been the one word of support I needed all along. It says no one knows the thoughts of the Spirit and no one is worthy of knowing them. The bible says they are held in reserve, guarded and reserved for God’s use, not man’s. I decided to take a stand and refuse to fuel any beliefs that are determined, propelled or justified by man or of the flesh, but instead those ‘beings’ that the Spirit influences us to be.” (Eph.5:19)

Fixing our Ego

The ego can be a inhabitant of our being which interferes with healthy self-womanhood. In my opinion it is not even a visitation of the body but more of a corrupt state that is a totallyODE to the freedom of the soul. It can be compared to a computer in our body which is totally programmed and in tune with our program however in order to change the computer to run the new program we must access the manual.

The guidance of the Spirit is to our benefit but once again we must reference the bible. This is one of my favorite passages because of how it states that the eyes of our heart are being opened to see the truth and as a result our heart is being opened to righteousness (the gospel) which is the truth about God and righteousness for all people.

How Can One Receive and Manifest Such a Great Gift of Eternal Life?

I feel we are at the beginning of a movement in consciousness toward the end of days. People are awakening in such a way that they want to know the truth about the destiny of our planet and what lies beyond.

Truth seeker is returning to our planet in light with more knowledgeabout the real truth about God and Goddess. Many have given up their lives in the effort to know the truth and experience reconciliation with their spiritual heritage but still haven’t received their blessing because they didn’t find time to prepare themselves. I am going to prepare myself so that I may share what is in my heart with you so that I might help you to prepare yourself one day.

We are beentheld by a Presence that is more prevalent in our hearts than our minds. We only perceive messages or signs from the Spirit which are far beyond the veil or faintest etheric voice.

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What Do You Hold In Reverence?
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