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What Do You Allow In?

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I see that we are not meant to be alone, plus I am sure that God has plans for us that are much bigger than we can imagine. I know this sounds cliche but I am not analist. I see everything that happens to every person as a gift and I have learned to trust in God’s love for me.

I am a person that allows fears, worries and doubts to be part of my life. I have learned to overcome them using the strength of my faith and try to see it as a process to reach a bigger goal. Sometimes it is hard but when I see it as a process my faith helps me see the bigger picture.

I allow many things to happen Because I am aware that there is a greater plan and purpose for each one. I know that all events are guided by a higher purpose and when we connect to that power it helps us to see the possibilities of the bigger picture.

I had to learn to overcome many obstacles to reach my next level of success. They varied from not being able to reach my goal because of a car accident that prevented me from getting there to not being able to afford the fees from a public access station to get to my dream job. When you allow obstacles to come in front of you they become the excuses to quit and find reasons why you can’t continue.

Look at yourself in the mirror and when you have a bad feeling write it down on paper. The goal is to make the feeling go away and get the belief that “it is already done.”

The ship hasn’t sailed yet but the captain has the map and he is the one who has the duty to steer the ship in the direction that he believes will have the greatest chance of reaching the destination. He can deny himself many things but the one thing he cannot deny himself is achieving his goal.

If he can do this (allow the ship to reach its destination) then he will have saved himself a lot of trouble, a lot of frustration and a lot of time because he now knows that he can achieve his goal.

First achieve the goal and you will have more time to achieve the next goal.

Second you will have saved yourself a lot of time and frustration in the future, and saved others a lot of time too.

Third, you will have saved society a lot of money because we will have a lot of the things we had planned sold to us by other people.

Fourth, you will have created instant popularity and a marketing team that will send you emails, promote your events and return calls for free buys. People are not interested in trade anymore because they know that anything can be bought.

In the world of spirituality you can’t let obstacles enter your path, and one of the obstacles that we face is how we view our obstacles.

The way to view your obstacles is to know that they aren’t obstacles at all. They are arrows in our own path that we have the power to move in any direction we choose. When we see them as arrows we can change our direction easily because we will have knowledge of what our obstacles are.

When people say that obstacles are going to kill you it is really them saying that we will fail without the ability to overcome them. But obstacles are really only barriers if we see them as such. If you know that obstacles are only barriers then you can remove them without worry. You know that you can do anything that is put in front of you because you have the power within you to overcome them.

If you are able to see obstacles as obstacles that you can overcome then you will have found faith. Faith is the unwavering belief in the fact that what you desire is already here and that nothing is going to prevent you from obtaining it. Without faith you won’t be able to move beyond them.

Once you know that you are able to overcome any obstacles that comes your way you can more easily focus on finding the answers to the questions that you have. You won’t be focused on overcoming them but you will be able to find ways to have them overcome.

One of the questions I ask myself is, “Where do I focus my faith in order to overcome my obstacles?” For now I have focused it on the fact that I am reminded of the power of my subconscious mind. It always has the answers and is alwayso be directed by me. I have found that the answers can come in many forms, some people are directed to find them out. In this article I am only going to focus on one answer and that is to move in the direction that I believe the higher power is taking me.

Move your mind to the place that you are taking action towards the thing, person or even thing that you want. Let no one say that they can’t do it. No one can stop you and no one can stop anyone else. It’s a global neutral.

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