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What Do These Disasters Mean For Our World?

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The occurrence of a disaster is never unknown to the mankind, even when the loss of life seems to be universal. Whenever a major disaster strikes a city or a region people look for answers and in most cases for solutions.Disasters always touch the lives of all people in a greater or lesser way. The sooner that we understand the true meaning of what is happening and commence efforts to help those affected by disasters, the more we can encourage world peace.

When we look at the positive side of the spread of disasters, it is not uncommon to see that many people are brought together, in a spirit of humanity, in the need to help those in need.

Many people choose to donate money, clothing or food for the families or aims of groups.

However, when we come across a major catastrophe we see how thousands of people come together in a spirit of random acts of kindness.

Lives are shared, needs are met and dreams are manifested.

This is humanity and the reason that major disasters don’t occur on a greater scale, every day in our society we witness harmony and sharing, as opposed to the acts of destruction and violence.

You may never be able to help those people who lost their lives in the tsunami or plane crash but maybe you can help someone who has a disability and you can give them unconditional acceptance.

I have met many people with various physical and mental disabilities throughout my life and I have worked with people who had been diagnosed with cancer. I have then worked with people whose dreams were suppressed and crushed by the indifference of society and a society that seems to not value the very essence of life.

It is my mission as to to work with each individual and share with them the joy of their capacities to connect with their higher selves and the universe. All of us are born with a purpose and we are all connected to the universe.

devastation occurred, therefore something new can occur.

We can begin to put into action the idea that in the universe there is ALWAYS a higher purpose and that when we align ourselves with this higher power we can make the world a better place to live.

An act of nature that is often forgotten, is the forest, and the earth, and the sky, and the water, in which we live.

The serenity in the air as the leaves fall, symbolizes a time of no anxiety, in ourependence on the universe, in our empowerment.

The abundance of the earth in which we live, is the food, and the beneficence of the universe in which we live, in ouruitmaryin action.

The air we breathe is God’s gift to us, and our appreciation of the gift.

The harmony and balance in the forest, is the harmony and balance in our life.

Inaction: the forest is silent and goes on as it has always done.

Deception: the forest is vague and cannot be seen.

Distraction: the forest is absent.

Our actions: the forest is full of activities.

Our consciousness: the forest is absent.

Being: the forest is full of joys.

Inaction: we work on ourselves and do things, but never really participate in the world.

Our actions: we absent ourselves from the world, and become more and more lost.

Being: we are present and busy doing.

All of humanity is surrounded by the energy of the forest, because it is the abundance of the earth. And so the first priority in humanity is to be present in the world, to be aware of its presence and do something about it.

The more we are present in the world and aware of its presence, the more we will feel the natural energy of the forest, and will be moved to help others to be more present in the world, aware of their presence and do something about it.

The positive encounters with nature create a new paradigm and a new balance. When we do something to help the world around us, we are actually helping nature, because the action of nature is based on its connection with all life.

This is the message from The Forest, and we send our blessings to the millions of people who are experiencing need and violence in the world today. May the world become a place where the presence of the forest creates a new and better balance, where the forest serves its full purpose of bringing peace and prosperity to humanity, and where humanity also benefits from this bountiful gift.

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What Do These Disasters Mean For Our World?
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