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What Can We Learn From Life’s Little Lessons?

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Before I ever write an article, I pray. I ask the Lord to bring something to my mind that He wants me to write about. There is so much going on in the world today and I feel that God uses me to tell others about His promises, His love, His wrath, His warnings, and also the lessons He teaches through every day experiences. Even now as I begin to type the words, I give way to the Holy Spirit to bring it out in the way He chooses. So, as I begin with blind faith, I am confident that He will put this into order. God is always bringing His children a lesson from which to learn from Him in order to come closer. Today, this one is a reminder for me as I go through a critical time of not knowing what lies ahead for me. It’s the not knowing that brings me deeper into faith of standing on the promises of God.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

This particular passage was given to me from my heavenly Father from the very beginning of the Gospel. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have recited this, stood on this and believed in it when times are tough. I just know He does work all things together for good. Not because I deserve it, but because I love Him and trust Him and have resigned myself to follow Him and do His will. But, the glorious thing about our Lord is His gracious nature in how He chooses to lovingly call us into His presence through bands of love. Since He already knew before hand whether or not I would be His chosen child of redemption, He took His time calling me onward. Even while I was still a sinner, He always had His eye on me. He used this little lesson to teach me something more. Now, I can see it. Is there something that has happened in your life that needs examined further? Ask yourself what lesson can be learned.

Several years ago while living in North Carolina, my husband and I decided to buy a boat. There were several large bodies of water close by and we wanted to enjoy them. Not being familiar with the boat, we were not prepared for what happened. We didn’t have enough gas for our sense of exploration and carelessness led to a scary trip. We thought we were being helpful by our knowledge of the boat, but later, we realized how ignorant we really were. We weren’t prepared for the unexpected thingshosenet goals. While we were drifting, one of our passengers expressed his concern about our lack of knowledge. I immediately broke down and began to cry. I told him that we needed to go to shore more than we needed to take the boat out to water. I offered to walk to shore with him and show him what we were doing. Although it was comforting to walk to shore, I really didn’t want to be there. I felt ashamed because I thought I could fix the situation myself and I didn’t know that Jesus would help. I’m not sure how much I knew of the boat, but my husband picks up on my feelings towards the boat. He said in his notebook that he talked to me about our situation and that I seemed very panicky. I told him that I felt ashamed and embarrassed that we could not come to shore because we didn’t have a map. I talked about our situation being the reason why I ate the hot dog in the first place and why I didn’t want to take the boat out to go to Jesus. I offered to walk to shore with him and show him how we fuel the boat. I didn’t say anything further about the hot dog (Which caused me to laugh). I wanted to remain as calm as possible.

The reason this is significant, is because not only was I financially embarrassed, I was heartbroken as well. Yet, the Lord Jesus was compromising His perfect peace and position with me. I didn’t know what to do at all and I was afraid of that question being answered. I kept my mouth shut and let His love overcome me because I wanted this chapter to be the one where there was no way out and I needed His righteousness in my life. It was a great plan of my husband to take me out to sea with him and his boat in the storm because he trusted my strength. So many times we want the favorable circumstances so much and we wouldn’t get out of them even if we could do anything. But when the storms come, even if we don’t see the wind blowing, we must be ready for the rainy day that it may come.

Be prepare in all things to be overcome in the spirit of meekness,leness,and gentleness.

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What Can We Learn From Life’s Little Lessons?
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