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We End Praying Where We Should Begin-We Quit Praying Where We Should Begin-We Get Where We Should Be-Our God Has Given Us What We Should Take

Over these past weeks in my reading and study of the book of the prophet Isaiah I have been making my researches in to the subject of prayer, and from what I have found in my researches God has been teaching me something of a more personal nature.

In Isaiah Chapter 51 verse 6, to whom shall God concede the victory? Who will he entrust the task to, and on whose shoulders will he depend? These are astounding questions and Isaiah answers them very simply and clearly, and there is a very great lesson which emerges from their import particularly in the context of prayer.

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These were questions asked by some of the religious leaders in God’s own land, and Isaiah answers these questions by saying, “To whom shall I entrust the matter? It shall be to them that walk uprightly. They will be my people, and I will be their God, and they will be my people.”

To whom shall God concede the victory? This is the bigger question. To whom do you give the victory, and to whom do you entrust the victory? Make no mistake about this, it is a spiritual battle.

It will not be until we get to heaven that we will discover how narrow and broad and long and high is the road to victory.

In verse 12 of Chapter 15, we learn that”theroad to righteousness is a narrow road and it is not a matter of simply following one direction.”

We cannot be Men just following orders.

The broader the road is, the wider and longer and higher and deeper is the road to righteousness.

The broader the road, the greater and graciouser is the blessing of our gracious God.

The clearer the direction, the grander the vision, and the grander the vision, so great and gracious is our gracious God.

The question for each of us is always the same; will we go with the broad and smooth and generous direction of God, or will we go on the hazardous and rough road, following some false prophet or false teacher?

When it comes to prayer, can we go on some half-arsade, half-hearted Way, or will we go on in the will of God?

“I know that if you had been asked of the Lord to go to this decisive battle you would not have wanted to go, but I also know that if you had come to me before this battle that new and mighty battle, you would not have wanted to go, but I also know that you can come and go whenever you wish.”

Isaiah actually says that there is a way that seems right to a man, but the end is the way to death.

Many fine men’s names have been named that way. And, Jesus Christ was named that way, and He meant that.

People often want a smooth ride. A smooth ride is a high price they will pay for soon! They do not necessarily find a rough ride as they had anticipated.

As we read on in these sentences in Isaiah, the utterance of the Word of God, we learn that our going would be mingled with difficulties and we learn that going would be all wrong if we were to go on in bad company.

Our enemies are aware of this. They are aware of our difficulties, and they will use them.

Sin always forces something upon us, and the enemy has them in abundance, and he will get the best he can.

Many World wishing to go against God in a way that they might offend Almighty God and yet they do not realise their difficulties, and they do not consider them to be real.

But in these words in Isaiah, we learn that if we shake off the dust of the world, we will not be shaken.

If we are dust, we will be brass; if we are brass, we will be silver.

If we are silver, we will be gold; if we are gold, we will be copper.

If we are copper, and we be a piece of brass, we will be precious iron. If we are a piece of iron, and we be a piece of gold, we will be cutting edge.

If you are a fool, you will be a fool.

It has been said of the Lamb that He was the giver of many gifts.

If you are weak and barren, you will be weak and barren.

If you are frail and heavy, you will be frail and heavy.

If you are full of laughter, you will be full of laughter.

If you are full of dread, you will be full of dread.

If you are full of tears, you will be crying tears.

If you are grey, you will be grey.

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We End Praying Where We Should Begin-We Quit Praying Where We Should Begin-We Get Where We Should Be-Our God Has Given Us What We Should Take
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