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We Are All One

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I feel that a lot of us hold onto this lesson in fear and never grow from it. As I have matured and moved into adulthood I came to the realization that there is nothing that can ever be “hurtful” to me. I feel very strongly that when we were still infants and small in our primate family we did not cope with feeling differently. As I see now, that same .urden” of feeling different is the .thickness” of the ego. We were all in this together and have always been in this together.

The gift I saw that was given to me is a feeling of such freedom that I did not know my possessing it could be a burden. Blessings, M.

This has been a very liberating understanding for me. I could now understand why I have always talked about the one God with all the gifts and directions and help kings and queens and all of that. It was because I always felt the loving power going to help me and I knew the creative source that gave me everything I had.

What I have understood also is that we are not to have an exactness of what the gifts are. The true beauty of being human is the ability to choose and to choose freely. Seeing what I desired to have in life without daring to try to have it (forgetting to try for it) and to just be happy with what I have been given. I do believe I can give to others without the need to be grateful first, but this could be a great mistake when I give to others and think I have to return it somehow. I am certainly teaching my children to let go of their need to boast, which is pride and to earn the appreciation from others for what they are to me and to other people as well.

Being grateful is a powerful tool for living a more enjoyable life. I feel the gratitude almost too much for any one thing in my life. Children are a good example of this, they will jealous over something or something really, really soon. To them the world is either a great place to be or a very scary place and they suffer in either confusion of which direction to go, or which way to turn. As adults we find it quite easy to give up our greatest exploits for something materially. In truth it is a wonderful lesson for freedom as we grow older and it truly is a great thing to realise that material things are just physical manifestations of energies, which can create good or bad depending on how we see them and in which order.

In the future, I see a world where humanity collectively realises the immense value of giving thanks for everything in the world. The present generation is definitely way too material minded for the next evolutionary step, I believe a new way of being in the world will be long sought after by man, who I have witnessed over the years.

Gratitude for everything will be key to man’s ‘next level’, it is the thing to do now before the end of the day. Until that time, the world will be a better place, mostly because of greater awareness of the important things in life, NOT to mention the awareness of the environment, food, water and species of which we are a part. To cut a long story short, I believe that man is gonna use the things that he created in the past, to create something even better than the last one, all because of the mindset of mankind and his ability to design products that will serve mankind better than anything else in the world.

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According to the legend we need to, without fail, evolve to a higher level of existence. The important thing ‘to evolve’ is not how much youknowbut how well you use what you know.

Most evolution in religions is the head knowledge, like knowing the name of the God(dess) or the plant/animal kingdom, knowing how to wash your jeans, the secret, knowing the time of death etc.

Knowledge is the initial set of ideas, concepts and concepts that you allow to develop into your beliefs. Your ideas, concepts and beliefs are actually the building blocks of your body and the environment around you.

All of our ancestors knew the God of the Bible (JESUS) better than any one person currently alive, and they gave up their first estate in order to be the sacrifice they were. Those ideas, concepts and beliefs were implanted in their brains so they could grow old with the characters they knew.

In order to be born in an environment where belief in these ideas is the norm, you have to believe in them.

Your environment is a product of your beliefs and it sucks if your belief system is dirt. It stinks.

What you are going to find is a level of life where the sky is blue, the grass is green and the animals in the environment are green.

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We Are All One
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