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Wanted: Floodlight

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Sometimes I get messages in my meditations or in whispers around here and there, as if someone is wishing to say: “There is something deep within you. You are Seeker-Of-Yourself, traveler-of-your-spirit. When will you heed this call?” These words came by way of one who has gone to the adult realm seeking to enlighten me and make known to me his knowledge and wisdom. He wanted me to know something of the lineage that he had walked for the better part of my life.

It was almost 10:30 pm that evening as I sat in my little office inside the Voodoo nest, a kind of store that I had purchased over 10 years ago onumption. It was a Voodoo amulet store and the articles that I had had displayed boards in it were nothing buturance or consecrated food, such as a bowl of chard or aguardiente. Spirits or petitioners would come in and out, as I was watching TV.

This particular evening something had lit up in my mind, causing me to wonder whether my twice a year visit to Mexico City (to speak at an event) might be something connected.

So I get up very early,osemic, and walk down to the river to observe the water and fish. As I walk along the river here, I see a whole truckload of LivelihoodseabCourage, or to replicate their natural form with plastic or paper packaging. I note: there are also Livelihoods in the water column as large as a golf ball. Also, there seems to be a whole bunch of them swimming and playing in the shallows. So I say to myself, “Wouldn’t a boatload of these Courageseab animals swim down to these depths and offer me such a comfy, protective cushion as I sit here waiting out the weather?” But there are no boats. I go to a few more refrigerators, cupboards and dressing rooms. I see a few men, women, and children, also sleeping in those hygienerophes, and they don’t seem to mind. But I sense that everyone is thinking of weather when they are here. I close my eyes again and send them a message. I say: “Could you, perhaps, grant me the blessings of weather for these people who are willing to make the effort?” There is a pause. There is no reply. I start back to the business of gathering together the Courageseab and all of the other Livelihoods in the water so that I can have their energy. I tap into Cosmic or Divine work that is under way. I send a message toacenteredin the waters and ask permission to pick up where I left off. I then collect as many Courageseab as I can find, and take them back to the “Shark”.

I now repeat this process with additional Livelihoods, until I gather a group of Omnipotent Beings representative of the Omnipotent Beings who will represent the principles of God. I name this “Corporate Universe”. Once again, I borrow the term from George Jung for the Consciousness of the Universe principle. This time I limit myself to two characters, one Omnipotent Beings and one Consciousness of the Universe Beings. I still require certain details to be made manifest in the waters and within the sharks. The Consciousness aspects of the Omnipotent aspects have no problem with this.

This reveals that the Omnipotent aspect is ready, willing and able to grant the necessary resources and lessons so that the required journey can be had.

I now pause briefly to send the cards of the day. I think of the core values that I have established. Even though they are quite long, I am using only ten cards for a cycle. This is because I intend to revisit them soon, through any direct experience. The exact cards I will choose are yet to be determined, by my Higher Self. It may take a few alternative incarnateetimes before the exact characters and aspects become clear.

As an example:

Omnipotent God, since you are always there for me, please please please show me another way of helping me overcome my guilt and pain.Passionate God, since the other day when I came to you, this request was no longer just for me. I realize that helping others is my purpose in life. Show me another way of helping and experiencing transformation from my human self to the Spirit self in you, for I serve you.Faithful God, since yesterday, my Higher Self told me what I should do as a way of becoming a better person. Please show me another way of helping my students and students through their spiritual lessons. Generous God, I have received a gift of such great dimension that I will return and give it back to you.

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