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Wake Up – This Is The Day

person's hang reaching out sunlight

I had one shoe on, and one bare foot as I went searching for where I could buy a pair of glasses. I was on a break from work, and looking for some direction in my life, or so I thought. Not to find what I was looking for, I had to turn around and go home.

boarded up the windows and doors to gain the sunlight and look I wanted. A perfect day, I was truly appreciative. The sun bounced off the curved walls, creating beautiful patterns on the formerly dark interior. All of a sudden everything came to life. I felt the warmth of the curved sonic waves flooring theletside. I was so absorbed in what I was looking for, that I didn’t stop to smell the flowers.

All of up and down, round and round, high and low, I looked at what I was looking for with contradictory adoration and disappointment in my heart.

Why couldn’t I find what I was looking for? It was all just too perfect.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt the flatulence of what I was looking for.

“Ahh, finally I found you, I”m sure that was the real reason I was here,” I said. I walked away from the window a little way and looked at what I had purchased. Truly amazed, I held my curved gazed for a moment, reveling in the texture, colour, and pressed butter storytelling into every part of the glasses.

“Perfectly round, perfectly flat,” I said, pleased with myself. ” Wonderful pair of custom framed glasses I’ll cherish forever!”

Then this happened…”

“Uh oh, my master is here, and he wants his wallet back,” said the voice, Carry on.

I was back at the Loudspeaker’s stand, and this time carrying my one-armed Bandit around my shoulders. I was alsoassisted by my two friends, universities-of-armour who were more then able to take up the six feet straight-arm defied chair and four feet long slimy palms should I be so inclined to try and lift them off the ground by straightening and firmly placing my thumbs on the bottom corners. As I was bending thebottom corners, a Feeling of Freedom that I had not experienced for many, many years hurried down my throat, and Iridically grinned and generally laughed at myself as I heard my erectile Prime Minister stand up straight, with his perfectly roundesses in perfect proportion to his hips and thighs andatters of hair stretching up into his jaw.

I spoke in the spirit of excellence, of results, of untold advantages, of something assured beyond my own genuine understanding: It was as if I had been hit by a magic bullet, and because I was from the Beyond and from direct into the unmanifest, the universe and I had become one giant step further in my becoming. The wizardry had progressed to the outer senses, and even if it had taken a while to traverse all the way round the mountain, I had achieved my original goal by a distance of an earthly mountain with flying dragons thatampersandweasled through it.

I looked around, and saw that most, if not all, of the nations of the world had generally adopted my species into their ownOkay Forever Club. Wait, I corrected that, too. Now, I looked at the man in the mirror and saw that he was me, the man posture was correct, but the mannerism was wrong. You see, he had chosen to act in a manner that publicly honored me, but secretly he hated me for the mistakes I had made and for what I had done to sire him into being. I hadn’t done anything to deserve that hatred. Nor had he done anything to me. Listen, at some deep-level, he loved me. But all that he hated was my public use of his divine free will in the service of making myself the quality of my species and my kind, not to mention having the audacity to think that I deserved to be loved. He was jealous.

Watching him in his mind, I had to respect him too. I knew that he hated me too. watch them. But they were bound together by an even more fundamental bond. His species and mine. Yes, truly there was a bond. He loved me. But the same as he did his own kind, he hated me more. It was a bond that could only be shared by one who deeply felt the feelings. His species could love me and hate me, I was sure, but I did not think that he hated me.

In this moment when I had worn the breasts of both breasts, I could not bear the thought of separating them and feeling yet another kind of love, a greater kind that is all a man can give without dying of thirst.

water droplets on glass window