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Valuable Space, Most Essential For Spirituality

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Like riding a hot broom in the middle of winter, when the temperature drops we are too afraid to go inside. This is not an effective way to go inside of ourselves. Does this relate to our homes?

The most valuable space you have is your home. Notice what I am saying? Of course your home is where you are physically present. But, when you include your home in your awareness of the world around you, you are also including the space within your home.

Your first step in developing a reverence for your home would be to walk through your home and take a moment to appreciate every aspect of it. Consider the space, the people who live there, the items within it and how it all contributes to the health of your home and family. Your senses will be more deeply appreciative of their surroundings.

Next, you want to notice the quality of your home, such as its comfort, cleanliness, harmony, and what is going on within it.

Would you like your home to be dirty and dingy? Are your windows always boarded up? Are the lights regularly broken or out of order? Is the furniture outdated? It is now the summertime. It is time to clean up the home to get it into a place of harmony and perfection where it can provide you with years of enjoyment.

The last step of honoring your home is to care for it and make it a place you want to spend much of your time. One of our most important roles as people is to take care of our bodies. Why not give the same respect to your home? You can paint the walls, repaint them, remodel, and do anything you want to make your home into something spectacular.

Contrary to a lot of popular beliefs, however, you do not need to go to a paint store to get your home painted. Paints and paints are readily available at any home improvement store. I’m sure it’s great that you can get the right shades of paint that suit your taste and decorating ideas. But, it is not the same as having the tools and supplies at your disposal to transform your home right in the middle of the wall.

Using only the supplies in your hands will get you results but remember to also give thanks to the beauty work of art, music, furniture, and a more thorough touch-up. The possibilities are endless for what you can do to your home.

Invest in the people in your life


God made us intelligent and beautiful. We possess the capacity to make a difference in the lives of those who our lives touch. He gave us the spirit of creativity; we can imagine things that no one else would dare.

Your time, talent, and money are all treasures to God. He is thrilled when we use what He has given us to make the lives of others better. The rewards that God will bestow on you for the investment He has placed in you are worth more than the money you spent.

You can give God the glory in your actions. empowering others. Have you ever thought of aligning your goals with God’s goals? There is a definite connection between you and God. To become the best you can be God asks you to give your best. This includes your time, talents, and treasures.

Put God to the test

For me God has taken a few quizzes. First, He has asked me to completely surrender to Him. Second He has asked me to give up control and to trust Him.

I am allowing Him to work His will through my life. I have consciously gotten out of His will and to yield to His better plan. Praying for direction every day has helped me to see how imbalanced the situation was. I am not getting better or getting faster. Life is moving ahead, not to the suited wheel but to a new landscape.

I am learning that all I have is here for me. I have nothing to fear. The Almighty has everything that is important to answer. I didn’t come into this life to lose myself. He did. I came into this life to learn who I really am. I am a powerful testament to the One who gave me this awesome gift and allowed me to be Free to Live. I am Him. I am a representation of Him. I am a son or daughter of God powerful enough to create my own life.

I have taken this one day at a time learning to Live without fear, and with God’s gifts. He has shown me times of total Joy and Peace that I never thought possible. He has granted me, over and over again, the capacity to be loved and to give my love unconditionally. I have learned to be able to take care of situations and circumstances as a result of the love I am able to generate at will.

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Valuable Space, Most Essential For Spirituality
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