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Under Construction Or Transcendence


We are never finished with God bless us all the way through to the end! If we stop believing that we can do these things we will become believers of something else. If we stop believing that problems within ourselves can be fixed with the help of outside sources, we will be restraining ourselves from becoming believers of something totally different. I believe this is a direct route to…

Or transcension!

All these layers do not need to be observed if we pause to ask the question ‘what have I done to become a believing person?’ My answer is nothing. The term ‘believer’ is not something I would choose to move around with. It is a label I gave to myself when I gave up trying to fix things on my own. When I say believers, I don’t mean a special type of person, a preacher, a priest, a deacon, a monk. The general rule is that if we are not talking about the spiritual nature of believing, then we can’t appropriate the term… ‘believer’.

A believing person is a person who knows something to be true with no doubts. There is a slight uncertainty as to the nature of the truth but that is all! There is no fear of doubt here. Once you have settled to believing something to be true, ‘truth’ is the relative term. This makes it rather difficult to move in the realm of spirituality without gaps. But I feel we can, and I think we can.

What to do?

Not much at all, I see. Respect it! You have to respect it. You cannot get a million different ideas of what is truth. A million different ideas can all be right but only one of them is real. My god is truth but no one is real, although we all have our own ideas. The degree to which we BELIEVE something to be true determines how much of it we express in our LIVES. As our beliefs increase, so does the Island of Misfit Truth that we sail through, and sadly at some point arrive at theECTON of Truth where we finally accept the lies we believed were the truth and make the sorely unforgivable mistakes of ourModern Beliefs.

Truth at the end of the day is a very bad thing, a very dangerous thing and we can get it no other way! But sooner or later we all have to come to terms with it for ourselves. I can tell you that after I discovered that I had believed a falsehood for 14 years (and had unknowingly, if one can imagine it) that it struck me with a sickening impact of clarity and honesty in an area of my life that I had thought for sure that I had completely left alone, that had been hideously wounded by the circumstances of my life. It was in this vulnerable place that the awareness of Truth began to purge the illusion by attacking it with all its might. It was there, that for the first time in my life I experienced the realization of’; “I never said I was perfect,”‘ This realization was head-spinning and painful but very enlightening, and did not make sense in the least to me. In hindsight, I see that this was simply a moment in time where I was ready, but had lost my way, not even knowing when or where to look for the Truth.

And this brings me to my point! Many of us carry with us the awareness of Truth, but never in the home, or to the key players in our lives; our churches, our spiritual groups or even our daily lives. The same holds true in the case of our faith in God. Many of us know that faith is something that we express to God, and know that it is central to our lives, but in itself, faith presents no intrinsic value and hence Truth is not found there. It is the contrary; those who are home with their God, express His Reality, which has no barriers, or is even experienced as alien entities by non believers.

In the end, our own individual journey to Truth will be too great, to immeasurably detach ourselves from unnecessary baggage. We need only detach; in this or that situation, from all those who express faith excepting Truth, to express freely that which we deeply sense without attachment; to laugh wildly at the absurdity of our situation. To immerse ourselves in the Truth of our own situation in order to enjoy its reflection. As G.K. Chesterton wrote, ‘It is the outrage we commit to God, that brings forth its miracles.’

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Under Construction Or Transcendence
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