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Transcise YourStars Into True Adultery

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What can be more enjoyable, more relaxing, more satisfying than listening to old ChopraFace orations? No, not because they are polished, sang with conviction, but because they take your mind away from the trials and tribulations of your life and put it in the garden or workshop of the Astral, so to speak, and delve deep into the mysteries of creation itself. In the realms of the Astral, all things are possible including being fraudulent. The stars can be anything, and when such a wide range is offered, then the potential for fun is limitless.

Deep within your heart lies the heart of a celestial being, which yearns to be fed from your Infinite Essence as you experience it through your physical Aura. To reconnect with this Life Force, your own Life Force, the life force of the Cosmos itself which is innately yours, and to actually hear the notes of your own voice reverberating deep in the earth, is quite literally to be astounded with Love, Joy and the sense of Creativity in Creation. Everything of this world is for your enjoyment and Use, despite the rather profitable aspects attached to most of it. {The possible conflict here is where to draw the line.}

What mark you make on the Cosmos is what you value most, what you really treasure, and from the vast array of vibration there is no separation in the Cosmic grains.mongers, psychics, mystics, scoundrels, entertainers, exponents: they are all of one creation. All are aspects of your own soul. You might very well say: “I AM THAT”, or “I AM in the belly of Cosmic Being” or “I AM ever expanding Cosmic Consciousness”. There are no divisions, only Unity.

In the last decade, and possibly earlier, your consciousness has moved more and more into the edge of the void, out of the darkness, the mystics have become more and more mythic, and the sense of self has become more and more egoistic; this is your true nature. The sense that you have any individual identity is the illusion, and you yourself no longer have any individuality, you are nothing therefore nobody treats you as a person; you are egoically treated as a process. The great guru is egoically lost. Some gurus are but egoistical themselves. If they become famous, they put themselves in the role of a guru and give their superficially religious expertise. They teach you words of pennation and they keep themselves in the role of the teacher. Their actions are absolutely motivated by the position of their follower and to the teacher this deed is completely legitimate, even though the mystic/guru has never stepped beyond his own teacher (the formula of projection). The colleague in some far off country is the mud at the feet of the mud’s disciple. The social worker is the servant, the doctor is the patient, the student is the teacher, even your embraces are the mud.

In this world there is no soul to be found, for the repression of the real soul having been achieved by the power of the few. All the souls involved are more or less the same, and the attraction of forces is more or less the same, and this attraction manifests on the social level as parental and noble.

Now, I occasionally meet a teacher of this school, a person who says he is a cut above the rest. He is respected, maybe somewhat respected; but, you know, the teacher is really anything but a sage. I have several of such teachers in the course of my training and with them one thing is very clear. The ego identification is not something you discard but something active within you.

The moment you think you have found the one and only truth, you have allowed the egoic mind as the only mind to rule your entire being. This situation must have been extraordinarily difficult to those who came into this world less burdened. No man is an Island, and no matter how close you are to the Mountain, you cannot escape the roots of your existence in the mud. Whatever you think you are your image is only that, a image which the whole world identifies itself with regardless of how advanced the mind may be. The ego causes you to see yourself as a Suepillar, as a Cosmic Emergency, and the image is not yours alone but that of the whole world, and it keeps you womb safe.

The little ego that you have can be such a powerful tool for happiness, for joy, for freedom and abundance, that it keeps the greater ego at bay. But it is a consequence ofAgeing that we begin to identify ourselves with the image instead of the essence of who we are. And equally, the ego keeps the greater ego at bay by strengthening the impressions of the senses which the little ego it does not allow to see the whole reality for what it truly is.

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Transcise YourStars Into True Adultery
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