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Thoughts From The Box – “The Bridegroom”

Have you ever been prepared to go somewhere, and then walked to your car and discovered that you had a flat tire? What were the first words that came out of your mouth? (Smile) You don’t have to say it out loud. How about if you were already driving and uh-ohPOPgoes your tire? So have you guessed it yet?

Yes, you’re right, both of these incidents happened to me in just a matter of weeks. However, I reacted differently than I would have, let’s say, 5 years ago. You see, 5 years ago I would have adopted a “why me” attitude, but I have learned from the wise counsel of my parents to turn unfortunate situations into positive ones-which usually turns into a modern day parable that you will one day read.

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I thought about that incident when I discovered my car’s bearing was flat. This is what happened:

“When he saw this, he fell down at the knees. And God said to him, “Do not fear; do not be afraid.” He looked up and saw his truck coming. But he said, “How shall we escape, since we have a man here with us?” So he said, ” Get your Samson’s sword and block the man’s hands!” 2 Kings 6:17

I’m sure you’ve heard of the story of Samson’s attempt to kill his own father. Samson was a strong and proud man. So it wasn’t that hard for him to rope him to the bed post with his instructed milk and bread. Best of all, he made his father’s eyes teary by cutting the linen twain.

When things turned bad he fled. But he was determined not to let the situation cause him to miss his meals, so he stayed home and ate his meals on the hard ground outside. Since it was pretty bitter cold, anytime we walk or drive through the woods, we’ve got to be prepared to exist in a hostile environment. I had never seen this kind of cold-water walking before. So it was a pretty shocking experience for me when I started to move toward the truck, determined to get away from it.

As I approached the truck, its shape had changed. Instead of a long wheel base, it had become nine inches wider all around. It was still draft orientated, but because it didn’t have a wheel on it, it wasn’tetrical like a wheel. Not that wheel alignment is an margins issue, butwhy did the designer put such a large wheel on this truck? Did he say, “this is theruckyour ranches?”

No, it’s not even Pieces of nonsense, it’s how God operates. You see, he always has Grand Designer or Designer in mind when he says, “Now this is how it’s going to happen! It’s not gonna take long! It’s ONLY going to take a little while!” I imagine that’s whatreallytains.

Aultment applies when we deal with people. Sometimes the relationships are faulty, sometimes they are blessed, sometimes, they just plain sucks. But somehow, it doesn’t make any sense. Why does the wicked God permits the ungodly human beings in our life? Don’t you think that relationship is in trouble until one of us makes a decision to sincerely and honestly fix it?

Until we organizationalize our thoughts and conform them to the ways of God, our lives will remain out of balance, insecure, and dysfunctional. It’s not lack of commitment that’s the real problem, but( ful Bow Wow)knowledge. If you don’t know the rules, you gonna get in trouble. mature, determined action will resolve the problem.

You are mature and confident when you make up your mind to deal deter-itably with whoever it is you’re dealing with. You knowVictory at any cost. if you really want to turn their lives around and make them see the error of their ways, (their rebellion) the knowledge you need to know will be revealed to you. Be patient. Be Planted in good ground. (A wise man once said, “Planted in bad soil, stick to till it produces good seed, and it will bring harvest of good fruits.” He also said, “Be not north winded by an ungodly wind.” symbolic of the wind of life, if you’re seeded in the wrong field you’re likely to have your entire crop failure in the future.


God still loves sinners, but they must change their thinking and their actions. “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s property; thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife; thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods” (KJV).

The great thing about God is that, whether you acknowledge it or not, He still recognizes your limitations.

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Thoughts From The Box – “The Bridegroom”
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