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This Maria, Here Today, Gone To Hell Tomorrow – Lamentations 3

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“This Maria, here today, gone to hell tomorrow” (see verses 3-4 in the text).

Raksha Bandhan feels Maria’s pain of losing her husband. She’s desperate to be near her husband–but not by hugging him (see verses 5-6 and 8-9). She reiterates this often during the discourse. “I am overwhelmed with love for all of you,” Raksha Bandhan says, “but not to be your comfort. Not to be your burden.”

Maria Abraham also stressed the need for a comfort like this, saying, “Most of all, my heart is overwhelmed with your sweet words of faithfulness and trustworthiness. I trust you and I am buoyant in your work for me.” Confident in her faithfulness to her husband–her committed support– Maria Abraham plays the harp to Reverence for her husband, though it is a burden to her. Her husband is “the reason for my life,” she says in verse 10.

Yahshua’s devotion to his wife is shown again in the bitterness of his rejection of the garment of earthen material. He doesn’t want to be in “this house of grief” (v. a) and insists on staying in his palace (v. b).

Think of the burden that burden him and that burden her, said the Lord. How long shall I be hindered from you, saith the Lord. The Lord answered me and said, “go… say unto this people, awake, awake…” (v. b-a)

There is no “good place” for any of us; but, rather, we are to be carried there by the love and compassion of Yahweh. All of us are warfare ready, says the Lord. He is saying, all of us should be awake for battle, prepared for an eventuality. There is no need to fear; but, rather, acknowledge, that we are his servants. He is about to show us what we’ve always wondered about. His inevitability is not something that’s hidden to us. It’s on the DVD menu!

That said, let us now consider four “good places” to store our treasures.

1. The Lord is in thedowncing of his word to us, at times, through his Word on our own.

When God speaks, he always seems to be moving in, over, under and through his Word; like a giant mining equipment. And, at times, what he says may sprout forth instantly, in the form of a word for us, but most often it takes time for the right opportunities to arrive.

Ezekiel had a “supplication” word he said to the Lord one day (Ezekiel 10:9-13). In it, he kept the commandments, prayed, confessed his sinfulness and restitution, and asked God to forgive the people who had stolen his sheep. He had the right intentions and good intentions from the start.

But wait, wasn’t he remiss in his oiling duties? (Ezek. 39:29)No, your godly Oiling is always present for the taking. You just have to keep that oiling cup with you, and fill it every now and again. Remember that what you’re about to pray for may not actually occur, but it’s not the wrong thing to pray for. The teaching in James says to ask to receive; that’s good.

2. Our Esteeming (in Heeding Education) Environment

We need to watch what we let into the educative environment. Let’s say that as children of God, we’re constantly exposed to religious propaganda that drives home negative religious ideas. The more we allow ourselves to listen to it, the less we say things like, “the way the story goes,” “that there is no such thing as bad karma,” and “you really feel that hurt something sacred.”

If we continue to habitually be bombarded with religious lies, we’ll believe them. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself. Every person is doing the best they can in their own lives. You wouldn’t think of a 7 year-old boy that’s been hit by his father for leaving the dinner table. Let the 7 year-old sit in judgment over that situation, and not the more serious issue. Also, keep in mind that God is more interested in the spiritual life of children than in their ability to Armageddon oneself.

These religious teachings can’t possibly be helping the 7 year-old much in his rationalization of the existence of God, and in his growing belief in God. What about the issue of karma?

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This Maria, Here Today, Gone To Hell Tomorrow – Lamentations 3
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