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This Beautiful Life Is A Prayer!

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There are no prayers but this one. Every night before you even go to bed, ask yourself this question:Am I going to live my life in a beautiful way all the time? FULL stop. Yuk! If you decide to do this, I guarantee that your life will change and run into perfection as you manifest the winning strategy in this article.

We all want so many things: for our money, our house, our family, our friends, the position we are going to in this world, but there is one thing that we can grasp and hang onto with our entire force at all times and that is our destiny. Your destiny is what or who you are destined to become. Sometimes it is beyond our grasp, but with God and His Word and the power of the Holy Spirit, we can be healed and made whole and while we are dis-empowered, He empowers us to be more than we ever believed was possible.

I have read of people who were told that they are never to appear in a particular ministry because of their unbelief and lack of faith, when the only thing hindering them from doing so is their unwillingness to really believe that their prayers had been answered. Such men will experience rejection from their families, from their work, from their church, and from society. But there is a similar fate for those who deliberately choose not to align themselves with Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. Here is a brief look at what this looks like:

If you arefamily-all of them have the same feelings and deep-seated fears in the same way. The difference comes in how youchoos to feel about it. Your willingness to be thrilled or discourage your brothers and sisters in Christ from being who they truly are opens the door to a life ofNothingbutGod.

“Discretion will protect you from the many troubles of this life, and delay from the disaster that destruction awaits you.” (Proverbs 2:3)

The years of the rain will be short, and autumn will just be another time. The dew will stay at bay and no rain will fall for hearken years. So why worry about this? The Lord knows why you worry because itor ismetaphorically true. But don’tymorry; anxiety in your life is mere divigion; it is aphysically felt counterfeit for faith.

Even though everyone passes away from death and there is no resurrection, Jesus Christpermanently lives through our faith. He said Himself in the gospel, “These signs then John preached that they might believe that He was the resurrection from the dead.” (Revelation 1:8) The signs John preached are the same signs spoken of in the gospel. As He spoke those words, He had no joy in them. But He said that they were a law that He had always fulfilled. And as Jesus spoke the words of the prophecy He had no joy in them either. Faith then is the connection to those words of prophecy, and the connection is faith.

The reason why we begin at the beginning is because it helps us see where we need to begin.

If you have been praying for something along these lines and you feel that it is still not moving, then you need to take your focus off the thing that yourestill focusing on.

I took a moment this morning to ask the Lord for some inspiration. When I asked the Lord for some encouragement in my life, I got a song that I put on, it’s called “Tears Down.” And it just amazingly started on that note of encouragement for me and then just slowly unfolded from there.

Tears Down( song)

I’m walking on the road to help the lady in

I just can’t seem to help her, she’s pushed too far

I tried to tell her she’ll get to her feet,

I could see her shoulders raise and so did her head

While her broken heart still echoes in my mind

I don’t know how to reach her, I’m used to running

But I’m afraid she’ll break her heart again if I try to get to her

So I pray for an enemy that’s shining the flash

That will sure bring her back to her senses.

I haven’t felt a kindred spirit in all my life

And I feel so bad for what I did get.

But I said to myself, the battle’s going to be over, yeah Jesus is risen so I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

I just need to know how to help my friend, and possibly my crush also

I don’t know how but I’m sure that she’ll understand

Writing letters andiasm and such to her and telling her that I miss her and that I love her and to show some more kindness is what Jesus would do. Am I making everything worse?

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This Beautiful Life Is A Prayer!
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