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The Yearn To Improve Life

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For the last year i upon myself have been writing about the concept of Hope but within the concept of hope there are many ideas, aspects and truths.  To tell you a little more about my subjective ideas and truths let me start with this:

As mentioned in the post our Here and Now, which can be found on  here, as a universal intelligence, wherein All and Only God exists, we also exist as a small piece of It.  As such everything and everyone is connected to It.

The connections are many and they include such things as the law of Attraction, cause and effect, karma, and more. But as an exercise let’s narrow focus to the concept of the Law of Expectations.

Expectation is in direct opposition to expectation.  Expectation is a certainty that is placed upon an event and it expectantly comes to pass. So we set expectations for the future and when things don’t go our way we tend to have negative expectations.

Expectation is believing something to happen instead of asking for what you want. Let’s take the example of a quantified charge account. You have a certain monthly limit on the account. Your spouse has a certain monthly limit as well. Now you have expectations of how those limits should be met. In other words, you expect to have reached your goal.

You look at your statements and you say that your spouse should save more and pay less. You believe this is the right thing to do. In this case you should be pleased with yourself. Your job satisfaction is rocketing and you have more cash to use to purchase things that you desire (based on your statements).

This works great but there arebbts. Business partners wonder how you stay with such seemingly slow progress. You wonder why you stay so consistent despite the minor ups and downs. You wonder what it is about you that keeps you so positive even though the world around you may be dramatically changing.

The second aspect of expectation is that you experience the future as a series of possibilities. E.g. You are building a house. You have seen pictures of the structure, you know certain things are taken place when the building is completed. Now you expect to see full basement living space. When the structure is completed you say “That’s it! Isn’t it fantastic? What a step to the right direction. I like it!” and yourSpirit is renewed.

In a previous post I talk about the soullearns goodness. If you have learned goodness you will find goodness in everyone you are in contact with. E.g. If you play the violin and know part of the song, your sounds are trustworthy. Your tones and melodies are filled with life and have a positive influence on those around you. You are trustworthy. When someone trusts your words the Music Study will be more vibrant and focused. You will have learned to play the clarinet part with richer tone and more life in your voicing. You will have heard the rumors that the Great concert or Festival is almost full and the advertise for the performance has now changed. You enjoy the Classical part of the world and hear the offers of speakers and auditors. You are delighted to hear that the streets are no longer blocked off for construction. Music is back.

Expectation is a breeding ground for faith and rarely does faith thrive without testing. The more expectations you have of yourself the more stressful your mind and body become. You will learn from the setbacks from time to time and they serve to strengthen you. Expectant believers know the principle of seed-time and harvest. That principle accounts for much of our biblical database. (Hebrews chapter 7). Practically speaking, the principle means that you should expect nothing from the Lord and every thing from the Lord for your expectation will be cut short.

I suggest that you adopt the classic Philippians 4:6 affirmation, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” Philippians 4:6 does not mean you can do nothing. It rather means that in all things you should be ready to do something. There are two ideas to start with. You are ready to do something untilsomethingis done and the second idea is that in all things you should be ready to be able to do something. During the Beta stage of sales training when the mentor would go out with his camp and make 70 to 80 per cent on impressions, one of the affirmations he adopted was: “I can do this half ass all the time.” He wouldneverguess and admit to the failure of the sales presentation and blame his lack ofconfidence on the slow progress of the sales process. He knew that in the end he would prove himself.

In all things you should be ready to be able to do something. That is the first idea to have a mindset ready to work.

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