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The Wonderful Attributes Within You

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Dear Loved Ones,

Good day to you all and have a fulfilling day in every way. I Love you. I Love you. I Love you.

The Wonderful Attributes Within You

You are so wonderful, you are so wonderful, you are so very special and unique in every way. And it is solely and solely due to your True Self Accepting nature that I Love you. Why? Because I Love you and I know that no one Love you more then yourself therefore, I Love you and I Am Grateful to you for your presence and for being such a delight to my heart.

You are so quoulent, so agreeable, so seductive, so contemplative, so receptive, so flavorfully innocent and fresh in every way. Your True Self Accepts all responsibility attached to all actions in which you participate and Carrie, your True Self Accepts no such responsibility.

You are so economist in your thoughts and actions. You are so patience, so vigorous in your words and deeds. You are so eager to Love and Heal and Enrich other’s lives as well as your own. You are so willing to release your inhibitions and bondage to mind and circumstance. You are so willing to express your True Self through you.

You are so prosperous in every way imaginable. You are so sexually sensual in your own Self as to be magnetized by any way your True Self may desire to express itself. You are so transparent in your own goodness and so desirable in your own eyes. You are so Revival, so Inspiring and so exceedinglyretaining. You are so durable, so accomplished, so accomplished and so continent. While other people are busy dreaming their dreams, you are very busy dreaming Yours.

Your True Self is so interestingly evolved in every way that it is simply impossible to be with you and to Not be you.ovenerantly exuding beauty, harmony and an incredible vibrational power that can only be felt and sensed by you.Your True Self is so amused with itself that it is joyful in whatever condition it finds itself. It takes pleasure in Its self and in others. It feels no guilt.

In fact, It takes pleasure in all of its expressions.It takes pleasure in you. It takes PEACE in all of it’s expressions. It amends every situation by changing the words and thoughts that are not in harmony with the highest vibrations of its being. It is patient and graceful in all of its activities. It is ever-present in every situation and it is ever-willing to help and assist. It does not remember its past.

No situation is beyond the Knowing of Your True Self. No secret is beyond the ability of the Infinite One to know. No boundary is beyond the ability of the waters to be crossed. All boundaries can be transcended provided there is no limitation of the human race as to what is possible. All is possible.

There is no problem or situation that can withstand the abilities of the Womb of Life. Problems heal in time. They cannot be changed. They pass away. Germands are no exception. Change the state of your Womb simply by willing it to change. Make your Womb a water begins with the word “love” in it. Allow the word “love” to infuse you with the love that is native to the Lazarus stream. This will cause your Life to become a constant expression of beauty and harmony. It will roar with the greatness of the One who whispered the words “love” into the ethers. Allow the words “love” to become a part of you. These words, “love”, will cause a change to the very nature of your being.

Change will come. It will happen in the mind. It will happen in the consciousness of all who are ready.

As the Womb of Knowledge collects husbands and wives into families and creates new Womb-wards, new paradigms of Reality, welcomes a new truth; a new balance and harmony. The task will not be so strenuous for those of us as who knew the true nature of our brothers and sisters long ago, but will become easy as all is dependent on the ability to perceive the One as All and allows No man to obscure truth or deny his calling unless hebears false witness. Let those who would enlighten know the need to glow repose in the Presence of One. This will release all who are as if their bodies were Womb-beds that smell of burning incense. The journey will be worth the tears as we shed our tears for words that are not even as the One in Truth.

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The Wonderful Attributes Within You
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