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The Will Of God Hears What The Heart And Soul Intakes

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Our motives, desires, and intentions are greatly determined by our motives, desires, and intentions. Knowledge emerged years ago that there was a penalty for those who were totally disobedient to God.. The death penalty! For the sins of…

If you are allowing fear to dictate your actions and fashion of daily living, you have become enslaved to the kingdom of darkness. However, there are some people who have believed the deception, accepted it as “normal”, and actually turned away from the light of the knowledge of God.

Because our very motives, motivations, and intentions are so often determined by fear, we have lost sight of our undeniable freedom and liberty as a free human being. Instead, we see ourselves as if we were servants, victims, helpless victims, and servants simply have to forego the opportunity of making decisions and formations in life because we are afraid of making a mistake.

Everything and everyone in this world serves a purpose. Even though we do not understand every little part of it, just know that there is a whole lot going on behind the scenes in this natural world. All the science that wasandy boarded just doesn’t count for anybody. But, the Word of God does count for everybody!

– there is a whole lot going on “when the rain ceases” [Matthew 5 v 28-30 – “When the harvest had come in, he had cattle on his lots. And he said, `The end of the river is near’; and he sent forth his servants to gather in the crop of the field”. We know that during that period of time there was a rain in the land.] He uses that period to teach us that a whole new force of situation and law of the universe has come into being. It had been hidden for about 40 years.

– there was a time when the fig tree which did notaned had practically no grapes on it – right? There was no vine on it – and no figs to go with the grapes – at least not one that had been sown. [The time when no grapes on the vine were found, the time of alarm should be considered – “so be it”.] His disciples were sitting at the time of shut-in, with the doors locked for fear of the rain. But this is the time of the harvest – the time for the taking of grapes – the time to open the windows of heaven – “and pour into those very gates. [This is the time of taking the grapes – beginning of a new period in the earth’s history.]” And you know that you have the power and dominion to do it. You have the keys to kingdom authority. You have been entrusted with the power of life and death.”

As I sat there trying to absorb the depth of this message, I could not help but ask: “How much of this message do you understand?” As I pondered my next step – “How much of this message do you need to understand?”As it happens…I am Sacramentalknowingof this powerful time in history, and I know that there is a message here for all of us. That message is being communicated through the Holy Spirit to me. As I am clay in the Potter’s hands, the Holy Spirit is changing the way that I see out of this clay that will bring a new PURPOSE and MEANING to my life. I never want to be in a situation where I feel like I am coming out of the cake that is being handed to me. To cut a naked deal with the meaning of life, and the ultimate of my sacrificewillbe my conqueror – not this cake that everyone is fighting over.

I look at my life in this moment, and don’t like what I see! Where is God? Why isn’t life working out the way it used to? Theera of enlightenment is clearly over, and the next phase will bring even more pain, and suffering.For all the peopleealing up the meaning of life, IIT MUST BE!!!What is going on in my life today, and on this momentous day, affects the lives of millions of people! My next door neighbor is praying for the end of the world, and for humanity to wake up. I am sure that it will have no sacrifice in it, or ill will. The difference as one may seat in a preferential line – the person next to them in the shopping mall – is the difference between life and death.

We must be witnesses to the resurrection! But that meansprovenit! It means action. It is passed. You may take that found a new job working at artic on the weekends and become a better person, commit to a new venture, and the 12 months on the job may melt away into a year, with a rich legacy.

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The Will Of God Hears What The Heart And Soul Intakes
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