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The Whole Story Of Our Lives – Why We Cannot Justify Ourselves

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Unless we can find fault or relate to someone or something else, there is no one else whom we can blame. Therefore, if we are to seek the fault, the enemy or someone else must be the one to whom this fault is attributed.

Satan, before sin, was the most intelligent of the angels and God’s favorite. Because he is the highest angel, he was given the task by God to test the sons of men, to see if they would obey God or go the way of evil. And so, from the time he fell, he desired to be the person who would blame others for his punishment. This is why he tempted Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of knowledge.

If mankind refuses to listen to the wise tellings of the angels and the rocking waves of the Holy Spirit, it is because they have listened to the Accuser, who accuse’s others whilst behind him stands God the creator. Just a brief enquiry into the background of our world and the conditions within it, reveals the result of hisDiscrimination of the soul.

Please note that before sin, God had considered everyone, men, women and children, to be his favorite. It is only after his children refused to listen to his directions from the garden that their wrath and stubbornness manifested, and their plunge into sin brought a curse and doom upon the earth and it’s inhabitants.

So, if we want to take responsibility for our actions, we must also acknowledge the Accuser, to whom all these crimes are being attributed.

I met a Christian friend of mine recently who, like me, was going through a very hard and painful dilemma. This person had been ministering to others through self-healing for a number of years. I sat with them a long time and asked them when they thought the painful situation was resolved.

They kept silent. waited for an answer they were never given. And it came. “Mark, I have never been able to listen to what you have been telling me. I came into this world with Jesus and gave my life to Him. I was promised abundance in the harvest and so I built my life on the promise of the seed. I never stopped believing in what you told me. your life is in my hands.”

I was so terrified, and so unprepared for such an interview, that I fell to my knees and began to cry. (After a short while, I was able to comfort myself with the thought that those facing judgement would know what I had gone through, and that perhaps they would change their attitude towards me, rather than turn against me.)

I was Ross’ age when I came face to face with my stumbling block. His uncles had brought him up as a boy with a serious handicap, and he had been a helpschalkered in his church, but years of wrongly interpreted signals from that diverse world had Opened his eyes to reality. He was devastated that in his own power he could not perform the miracles he had been told were available to him.

He had been working at a handicap center for eight years. proud of his scholarship, the anointing on his skin and the fact that he had grown and blossomed, he had worked there on and off, even though he hated his job. He was probably close to otherworkers, but the Recent arrival on the job, it dawned on him, had taken his spirit out of commission. He was only fifteen. To add insult to injury, he had not been trained at all to work with people.

Standing in his element, ready to serve, his first thought was: “There s s just some people I don’t know and aren’t allowed to know.” He had deliberately kept himself apart from people and God. He had not allowed any one to help him.

People complain about how difficult it is to be who you really are. Things seem to be harder to find to me.

OK, so you think the problem is others. Do yourself a favor. Move closer to them. Be an understated, normal rebel. Then one day, you will meet someone you know. Or a person with whom your pasture has had an encounter. Or someone you meet will lead you to the One Who is and who you had been hiding from yourself.

This one principle change is worth more than the $33,000,000 question. Move closer. Rise. Toil with them and soon you will know the kind of Water that you need to make it through the journey and into all the truth.

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The Whole Story Of Our Lives – Why We Cannot Justify Ourselves
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