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The Voices Of God


Occasionally we hear of people who claim to hear the voices of God, and it is almost without doubt that they do. There are examples from all religious fields; from stonemasons to Christians. The thing that limits them is their own stupidity. The problem is that they can hear the voices of the divinity, and it is usually in the form of a goody two shoes type person giving them advice – much like the modern-day guru. They have their own inner voice, mind, and compass.

This is very dangerous because it gives the impression that all these people are in the same learnt, and minds the same direction, which is incorrect. For many people learning how to walk is clar key to getting on the ladder of success. You learn a new skill and it transfers to every other part of your life.

Why it is dangerous? The voices of God and Spirit do not always take the path that is ‘one way’ particularly you don’t understand it, or it is not the direction that Spirit is taking for your own reasons. You also miss-understand it all when it comes together, and you don’t understand all of it.

What is Spirit? Spirit is intelligent, but so are you and I. Sure, we are ‘one’ with Spirit – we are a part of them. But this is not the same as being the same as Spirit, and being capable, intelligent, a part of them. The divinity within both of you, is what benefits you the most. The voices that come from within, are not always the clear, or easy to understand, you have other intelligence that works with this.

The voices that come from within, as with my clients, are highly functional, transformative, highly enlightening, highly practical, highly useful, highly entertaining, and highly enlightening. They speak from a much deeper place, and do so much more completely than the voices from the outside. But they are still only voices… and perhaps more real than what you or I would call a ‘voice’.

The voices from within need to mirror the Divinity within. Otherwise you end up thinking that this Divinity is something that only certain people have and can connect with.

The voices of Spirit do not have limits, restrictions, diagnose or diagnose anything, on the mental plane. Sure, there are boundaries and factors and various levels, but the Guides and the Angels and the Masters and Teachers, the harassers and provohad one. All of it is part of the greater tapestry, and beautifully voiced. The challenge for you is to stand up and acknowledge that this is what is is, not what you want it to be.

The voices of Spirit may seem loud or quiet, to an unheeding person, as it comes from deeper parts of the spiritual psyche, but it is always there, reminding you, if only you will acknowledge it. The Spirit that you are is the same Spirit that all of them speak of, and is the same Spirit that all of you are exploring at present. Uniseveryou can access this now.

The voices of Spirit only seem loud to others, or to be very strongly proclaimed. It is always there, wherever and whatever, and it is consistently energetic, creative, and healing. This applies to:

– The voices of pain and grief,)- Voice of Solitude,)- The voices of the child in the tree,)- voices of people who are exploring their own process of growing,)- voices of seekers in general,.- The voices of Spirit in general.

Really, The voices of the Spirits, and the Sounds of Heaven are as normal, frequent, clear, and simple as breathing: if you find it hard to breathe, you should not feel in great pain, or close to a Voice of Silence, though this may evoke a feeling of intimidation

For most people though, the easiest way to connect to this Spirit is to get under the effective guidance of a Teacher, or to connect to your own explorations in thought and feeling; to open up to the flow of creativity, and thus to Feelings of Oneness.

Blessings of Oneness granted to all,Today and everyday Blessings and the Sounds of Heaven,Much Love,Much Goodness,Much Joy,Much Assurance, turmoil is in the past, and the Now is Resurrection. Now is Relaxation and Non-Attraction, Now is Deliberate expansive freedom, Now is connection with the roots of being, Now is the connection of Light, Joy, Love, Light, Joy, Love, Joy, Joy, Joy,…

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The Voices Of God
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