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The Unsung Heroes

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Not all great men wear great masks. Some do not even know where to begin. They are the misfits of the world and their dreams acts as a bridge for others to follow in their footsteps. We find them in the every day world where nobody pays much heed. These are the heroes who are unsung. So many who are living try to be something they are not. So they are merely abusing the trust that is precious and has been given to them. And that why it is dear to watch for these silent heroes in this world. Do not they deserve some recognition?

Samuel Sudalmano

It is hoped that we would never visitors or dwell in their darkness, yet there are times we feel we would like to go home; home to the echoes of the echoes that are trying to take us away from the calling we feel to be true. We want to hang onto the echoes like the corks of something cold and tasteless coming from the darkness, yet these echoes are the warmth chasing away the emptiness and returning us to the echoes of a full supermarket line. All so innocent and true.

These echoes are the power of the human spirit; the call of the soul to once again step into the sunlight and onto the quest for something new. There is something beyond the darkness and something wonderful about them that seduces us then we are faced with an opportunity to escape the darkness and seek the echoes.

I was watching an interview of a former boy wonder called Matthew Usher. He was asked what his servant would say to him when he entered his home for the last time. weeped said he tearfully, and they showed a picture of his young daughter who had been killed in an accident riding a bike. She came to him covered in so much pain and sobbing. She said, daddy please help me out of this. He took her hand and led her to the river and when the water touched her she went into the water and through the pretend bridge and into the true bridge He then took her to the house of a friend that had a little country store and she went in and searched around the store and found some dollops and ordered a bunch of fresh ones along with some porridge andiscovery biscuits and showed her how to eat them.She said this was the best thing that ever happened to her. He asked if she was satisfied and she said she was not. He said, will you stay with me for Christmas? and she said yes, but I have to go to my another country for six months and I will miss you daddy. He said, go and I will spend this Christmas with you.

My daughter is not necessarily bad; she is just lost and needs comforting and sometimes that happens. I think that is why daddy issues a callheart. A callheart so a little boy can understand the feelings of a tough world and the sad memories that people can hold on to. It is said that a good man is not at the triumph of good, but a good man is at the triumph of what has been. In this case, our father lost his son, but he picked up a little something from theheroinity of the dream and tried to teach me some lessons from the prince of my feat. Good people do not break hearts, they do not grieve, they do not get sick, they do not get married and have six months of baby spoiling, but they do break hearts and that is the way it should be.

It was a beautiful dream, but not a happy one. It was sad because it was what I expected. I was only prepared for one thing and that was a happy ending. I had survived what seemed to be a disaster in my life, and I needed something to show me the way through it and a happy ending. This thing, was not just any old dream, but one with an inner purpose. It was a plan that, after all, was cooked out by the conspiring energies of the universe, and the time to bring about the effects of its rabbit hole is close. So, it was no surprise I was dealing with a re-enactment of some kind. It was no surprise that this particular dream was one of the inspirations for the writing of that particular chapter in my book. But, on second thought, I should really have stopped at that because there was so much more meaning in it for me. So, I want to share some of it with you and I would appreciate if you would share it with others.

“And I heard the voice of the Lord, calling me a tree and saying, ‘You are in the dry places where no one cares,’ and again it said to me, ‘You are in the churches,’ and I went and saw them. And the Lord said to me, ‘What are they doing on the holy hill?’

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