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The Unsung Heroes

Not all great have famous names. Some go by the names of little known persons, and the truly unsung heroes, that I count as true heroes, have had little fame at all, really. But they are just as worthy of recognition as the famous ones. I count them on my fingers – those little aliens standing beside me on this earth.

But, how do I count them on my fingers? Perhaps you will agree with me. These are the heroes that you count every day. They may not be big stars like our own kinds, but they are still heroes. The sun rises in the east, but the sun rises in the west. That is a true sign. The waves that come and go in our little world are just these waves. And the heroes among our waves are the ones that you follow every day. When you rest at night, do you consider a hero to be someone who must go through the whole day and into the weekend without a break? The answer is no. The true hero is the one who does not even have to work hard to be good. He is good. He is kind. He does not measure his good deeds by the eyes. He is content with little and is content with what little he has.

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But we know about him not because he is so famous that we have to write about him, like the others, but because he has been sent to our hearts to speak to us. Of necessity this speaking comes from our hearts. For better or worse, having known him, we become his disciples, and share what he has taught with our companions. If we speak about him, then others will speak about our good deeds. If we pen articles about him, then others will ponder on what we have shared, and what we have written we will also share. For we have all been sent out to preach the good news to the world.

Just as the days of the Messiah were like unto ours; so in the last days he shall be like unto us.For this we say unto you, that in the ages to come he should take away the sins of many, and shallmitted us in the Aaronic kindred.

(Hebrews 9:25-29 KJV)

In these last days Jesus is comparing Himself to the days of the Messiah. Yes, only this time He is not going to some distant star. Instead He is coming closer to us, for we are his earthly family, and He will take away our sins. In other words, He is like the Messiah but with a twist.

In 2Peter 3:10 we see that the Lord is coming a second time, not to condemn the world, but to bring new light, and a new teaching, and a new way of doing things. So seeing that we are still here in this world, the second coming of the Lord is not so far off as it may have been in the times of the Messiah.

Well, the second coming of the Lord is not so far off as it may have been, and already the Lord is demonstrating that He is here, and it is becoming more evident to us each day that the Lord is here more than ever before. Why is He here? What does He want that we are so unaware of?

There is reason for this, as I believe God is awakening the human spirit to the reality of His presence. The Lord longs to shaking the minds of His children, to get them to believe Him, and this way of believing has been ignited by His Holy Spirit. Many people are beginning to be born again, and this is witnessing the birth of the Human Spirit. We (Christians) have been waiting for this day for what seems like a millennium now, and we have been waiting for a savior, someone to be born according to our beliefs, as our saviour.

We believe with so much of our hearts, but why are we not so aware of His presence in our midst? Are we living according to some law that requires us to live a certain way, or are we living by faith, the simple way of believing? Really, when all this is said and done, and we bow our knees humbly to the Creator for what seems like eternally, why are we so content with the state of things? Or are we like the children that are not convinced of the truth, until the child is willing to see the light, and willing to meet the Savior in the person of his or her parents, savior perhaps, and ask for mercy.

The rising of the dark adopting the light, Lord I am not in darkness, ask for my help. I have not forgotten you, but you have forgotten me. Help me to remember the way. I pray that you may find some good material for the building of your future home.

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The Unsung Heroes
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