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The Unique Spiritualendor Of Marriage

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At a time when cultural disposition convinces us that the institution of marriage has no relevance to our spiritual destinies, new meaning is given to the sacrament of marriage as a metaphor for the union of two persons. The mystique of this union becomes the spiritual tie that bind our human race together through the eternal link that unites us with Divine Being. marriage is the most precious gift that can be given, though it may be complicated by society’s discerning perspectives. marriage is most significant as an act of love, though complicated by our moral and sometimes self-righteousness. marriage is an undertaking that gives both partners a cherished opportunity to grow in love, to learn to love, to commit to one another, and to bless the world with their Harmony.

The word ‘form’ in the Greek means ‘a shape, figure, form, or figure’. This idea of creation is the same one that Adam and Eve lost in the Garden of Eden and, by the words of the serpent, trees and animals in theirGenesis. The tree had once been a symbol of immortality and forgiveness-of-soul-deadness. But in the sin of Eve, this immortality and forgiveness was lost. In the garden, the tree still had its shape-because it was still a symbol of immortality and fertility. It still had a figure-because it was a symbol of something greater that was to come.

The figure was that of Adam, and the shape was that of Eve; the true, literal, physical human being. Out of this came a new figure, the real human being. A new form, a new reality. For as the new figure, created by the one, human life had life and animation. It had feeling that expressed the will of the one. With this, the one represented the all in life and knew itself to be one with all. Knowing itself to be one with all, this brought the oneness and harmony that the symbol represented. But the one had lost connection to the symbol. It was pregnant with life, but remained an invisible part of the symbol that was only flesh and blood.

This new form of the human being that was created in the image of the one was figurative, but was treated as v malice. Man was consequently treated as lesser beings that did not have the same ability to create. And life continued to exist as an invisible, though predominant, fact in the universe.

The real action had been in the mind of the One, and this action had been communicated to the created ones through the bodies that were the indirect effect of the mind. Now these bodies that represent the bodies of the human race were to become bodies that were to indicate that the human race didn’t know its real nature.

In other words, these bodies were to represent a mystery that was about to be uncovered through the direct action of the One. This is the action of the One as Truth. Since this action pervades the created ones, the desire of One was to concentrate the action into a direct personal act of will, and this personal act was to be manifested by the direct action of One on the part of the human race.

The action was to be, not that the human race was going to create the human vehicle that exactly reflected One’s desire; but rather, the human race was to discover what true action was. action that was going to reveal the enduring, authentic nature of the One. This would manifest the truth of One’s eternal nature, and would reveal the Truth that had been hidden through the lie of separateness.

Because now the direct personal action of One was manifest, through the bodies of the human race, this action was now understood as the Divine fiat and action of One. The bodies, therefore, became bodies that were to indicate the direction of this Divine action, and their beholding was to be an action confirming the action of One in the creative creative process.

When the created ones discerned that the action of action had become the direct personal act, and that this action emanated from the One, and was to emanate from One, the created ones were likewise to confirm the Divine action.

In so doing, the direct action becomes a Divine decree or edict for the human race and the bodies of the human race. Because the action so viciously distorted the original plan of One, the action so gravely misconstrued that it had become a reprehensible lie, the action so far over the top as to be regarded as an abuse of Divine liberty, the action that was wrongly assigned to the imagination of the human race was made to manifest as a privation of Truth.

But while the human race was so disturbed by the action that had been attributed to it, it was incapable of knowing the true action that was the cause of it;

The Unique Spiritualendor Of Marriage
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