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The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

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Humanity is in great trouble today – the people -any people-and those not of the Spirit are busy bringing the wrath of God upon themselves. We read of the comments of those ‘in the Spirit’ in Rev 7:10-11 and John 16:12-14. It’s the latter that puts a big stick over their shoulders and flings them into a pit of remorse. Many are still stuck in their darkness and cannot return to the light until the truth of God is recognised, notebook in hand.

John 16:12-14 makes it clear that no one who continues to sin comes to the Father, but those who do are saved anyway. They continue to sin but no one sees the signs because the blinded One protects their eyes. He denies them the right to even look at God because they refuse to acknowledge that the living God is their Creator.

Those who are not of the Spirit respond as follow:

1. I have faith in God but I don’t see the truth of what his Word says.

2. I acknowledge the truth of God but I still don’t know what God is really like.

3. I acknowledge the truth of what the Bible says but I still don’t see the big picture.

4. I acknowledge the truth of what the holy spirit teaches me but I still don’t understand it. (Hmnh, I am one of those!)

5. I acknowledge the truth but I still don’t always know how my faith and responses will play out in my circumstance.

6. I am scared of what God will do to me if I do something in obedience to his will.

7. I don’t really know what the future will hold because my ‘big picture’ is always changing.

8. I am not as strong as I once were.

9. Why is He putting so much on my plate? (This isn’t his plate….)

10. I am ‘just not that good’ at times.

11. How can I ever compare myself to someone else or at least not to be that good? Further still, I wonder how I will ever measure up to that person.

If we find ourselves in this state at any time, rest assured, we are the called. We are called by the calling out of the Almighty.

God has decided, before we ever were born that we should be tested. Not to make us despise the tests of the LORD, but to see if we will hearken to Him. If it is our will to do this even to the point of cherishing the tests, then we will be called favours of the MOST HIGH GOD.

And why does God love us so much to draw this conclusion? It is because we are unique, special, and precious in His sight, for a very specific reason. I amOLDINGON HIM.

Never again, will we be alone. His love, will bind us to this reality, if we will allow Him. This conclusion – this conclusion is actually denoting some other important truths about us. We arebeloved, in spite of all the sin we commit, arrogance, selfishness, laziness etc. God knows all these things. Because He knows, He wants to deal with us effectively, adequately, adequately, He wants to teach us how to overcome, how to love ourselves and others and, in so doing, how to give ourselves totally to Him, without any reservations. He simply wants to continue to pour out His love, His affection, to us, and not get any upset when the things that we are covered in circle of companionship begin to fade or fall into ruin because of one small thing we do or say, or one person who doesn’t look up to Him.

May our relationship with the Father get warmer, deeper, more loving, and more intimate. This way we believe, His love will somehow transform His children into His children with such power, intensity, sincerity and persistence. The love that so many people feel for the pets they own or care for will no longer hold any lure or possibility of its returning. People will realise that all their masters love them in spite of what they do or said or didn’t do. Their belief and trust in these people will result in them being completely set free from any feeling of unpleasantness, persecution, contempt or condemnation. Their joy of the Lord will be turned into heartache and frustration of the devil. They will be faced with the truth, and at last see the lies in their existence and behaviour. Once they are free from the power of lies, we will see that all their prior false and selfish beliefs and decisions are a total sham and will result in total destruction. There will be no hiding places for them, because all that exists will be exposed.

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The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth
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