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The Truth About Gossiping: How To Deal With The Sins Oflessthen Socialites

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Have you ever looked at those old-fashioned commercials where an attractive woman praises a man by telling him how wonderful he is? And, have you ever wondered how many of those people who are so thrilled with that man probably gossip about him–bragging about all the good things he does? Even more subtle, you’ve probably noticed that over the years, the people whom that praising woman is impressed upon are frequently the people that she’s been thinking about or trying to impress.

What about the people who are the subject of those relentless ads? You know the ones, the types that everybody knows and everybody likes. The jealous girlfriend, bless her heart; she really does put her best foot forward. She puts herself in the shadow of that beautiful fellow who must be envious of her. However, let’s begin to wonder what would happen if she did this and found herself, instead, gazing into the mirror and seeing the embodiment of that other women’s desirous prayers.

Would she be grateful that she’s struck that balance so carefully? Would she really be happy and fulfilled by staring into that mirror and telling the world how wonderful and loved she is and how well she lives her life?

I’m sure the answer is yes to all of those questions. After all, she lives her life true to the conditions that the ad placed before her.

Are you in the same boat, Reconciling your negative image? You sure are! And you are fortunate that you have found your peace tool–your magnifying glass, if you will–so you can begin to take stock of what you possess and what you aren’t. But be reminded: Y.O.U.. it’s not a requirement. Be prepared to and willing to confront the shadowentity on its own terms.

So, where do you stand? Do you have a negative side that is demanding attention? Are you grumbling and complaining about others–or yourself? Take a good look at yourself today. Sure, you may have made some minor improvements since last week. But, you may have gotten careless–so don’t get anymore comfortable. This is the season to Pop Some preached–not to take anything for granted. Make every effort to reconcile the differences and similarities you share with the single person who seems to be forever absent from your life.

Always remember: Y.O.U.. it’s not a requirement.

Life’s short, unchangeable contract. But the certainty is that the yearning interval of the heart will one day end, and the pilgrimage will continue. All those days that have passed since the passing of your beloved may have been for naught. But, in the scheme of things, all of your days are but a drops in the bucket. It’s still only Day One. TheDestiny that is buried in your heart will continue on and on. On the youngest of days, a precious gift of unparalleled wisdom and grace await you. You are only to awaken and recognize its presence.AcceptWith reluctantly, accept with graciously and with silence. Y.O.U. are all the answers you’ll ever need.

And, here is yet another intriguing clue to test your depth: Every single day will present a test to you. But, you are to approach it courageously with an effortless attitude of reverence and respect. You are not to be afraid of failure–or success. Your only true value is the zeal you bring to yourself and the projects you undertake. You are marked, as a precious child, to blossom in momentous occasions. And yet, lest you fear for your elders–you are only, indeed, an over-comer.

Finding this courage takes a lot of gumption and vigor. But, again, if you are born again by the Holy Spirit, nothing is impossible to you! “It is done unto you in accordance to your belief”–Philippians 1:6; KJV. Believe it till you see it; dare to dream it; and, watch it becoming a Reality in your life!

It’s Time–the Awakening has begun. Believe, Hope and Faith will not only take you through your harrowing journey to Freedom, they are specifically designed to show you the Way to Salvation in an instant.

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The Truth About Gossiping: How To Deal With The Sins Oflessthen Socialites
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