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The True Purpose Of Life

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This is such an important question, as it is the fundamental desire of the heart, or the main purpose if you prefer. The question becomes, on one level, ‘what is the purpose of life?’ on another, ‘what is the purpose of my life?’

The question that both questions seeks, and it is this: why am I here?

The purpose of life is not in finding the right career that is going to make me happy, or in becoming the best version of myself that I can be. Rather, the purpose of life is about waking up. It’s about realising who you are, and what you are, and what you are meant to be from the continuum of spirit.

Realising who you are, and what you are, involves going into the territory of the unknown, at least at first. This is because you will be influenced, first, by your immediate human environment, and then, slowly, by the Departure of your life into the Universe. This area of transition is themselves very personal, and can evoke a myriad of emotions, from sheer joy to sheer terror.

Transition into the unknown is the inevitable result of awakening from the dream of the typical human existence. You end up awakening from a dream that was imposed upon you, and you begin to realise that you are no more that your physicality, but that you are spirit.

This is a sensitive subject to talk about, for those of you who may be former believers, and one that many of may find hard to accept. If you areastristI will ask you to consider this little piece of advice: don’t get disheartened by those who refuse to acknowledge the existence of the God-being within. For if you start to question the status of God, then you must decide the status of yourself as to whether you want to be a believer or not, and in my judgment, you do not want to be.

You see, God-beingforRealis not something that can be proven to exist, for if it did, it would indeed be proof that this unseen Being, Life itself, exists. And although I am well aware that “proof” is not the issue, the issue is proof for only one. proof that this unseen Being of Life is the one and only God.

For if God can be proven,His existence certainly would be proof that this God does exist. And His nature and acts certainly prove His existence. Since the term “God” is shares in common with the term “historian,” to distinguish between the false historical Jesus and the true historical Jesus, it is not my intention to argue the point.

Rather, my purpose is to only explain the nature of your God. And in this effort, I will go out on faith, and say that the God portrayed by the five states of mind in the two chapters of the New Testament mainly is indeed the God of Christian faith.

Ittle doctrineis a natural thing that flows to believers from those who haveexperiencedGod, and it is here that a clearer understanding of the role of God in the New Testament is to be found. For to those who do not believe in a living God, He is either a fickle, unjust God that does not listen to the prayers of a contrite soul, or else a God that exists only for the righteous. The naysayer is proof that God does not exist.

And from the “Christians” of the New Testament we find not only the traditional teaching of the texts, but an emphasis on all people meeting together in friendly groups, singing, sharing, and worshiping God, as well as an encouragement to live a life of purpose and contribution. Truly it is in the evidence of the New Testament Gospel writers that we can trace God’s original design for the world.

Evidence of the original design of the world is found, in the pre-existence of the universe, in the function of all of the functions we consider normal to the human condition today: friendship, marriage, altruism, and worship.

There is evidence of the inspired nature of God, in the original law, which even judges sinful humans, and the lack of evidence that any other God exists.

With this evidence in mind, would you consider yourself being a “Christian” rather than a ” Idol Worshipper?”

I don’t consider myself a “Christian,” but I do consider myself Christian-ish. Am I a true follower of Christ, or am I merely following the doctrines of men?

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The True Purpose Of Life
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