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The Transformation Of The Earth

As we are living in the transformation of the earth, I have come to see that our joy lies in freedom.

When we realize that we can be, do and have whatever we choose on earth – we find that our actions are completely in our hands. There is no reason to doubt these actions or to be overly concerned about how they come about. The fact is that one day we will no longer be living on earth, and our actions will be final.

shallow focus photo of brown horse

Once we are no longer here, there will be ©verygood Mechanics. There will be no more fear or worry over the actions of engineered nature. Enormous proportions will arise to make our dream a reality – just as it is.

One of the themes of this book is “The Mother Earth”. We all hold a share in Mother Earth and her immense and vast energies. Taking ownership of our earth: the very life force and breath of the universe on our home planet – is one of the greatest decisions that we humans will ever make.

Changing the way we relate to nature and the environment is one of our most important choices we can make for our future. No matter how well intentioned we are, and the many activities that we do, we can still create a destructive world. It is up to us to create harmony, peace and abundance on earth, within our hearts and souls.

I fully realize that we humans have the power to heal the world, and to love it into existence. Each one of us can make this world a BETTER place, and share our joy and gratitude with the world. bumper sticker I read at the beach, encouraging people to “habit” and “take care” of our earth: “If it Means something to us, it is our responsibility”. I really believe what that means….I guess it depends on how I feel and what I am sensitive enough to hear. I am one of those that believe it is our responsibility to do the cleaning up of our world. We all can – from the small each one of us to the global giant.

I feel better and stronger every day that I am clearing out the garbage. I am getting stronger and seeing the bigger picture and the connectedness of what we all face. I am the whore that will willingly, and sometimes not even know why, embrace all of the responsibility. I am willing to embrace it – all of it – and put it into action.

We need to take our relationship with the earth and the universe to a new level. Instead of just controlling nature and having it do whatever we want, we can create wonder, and beauty. Instead of devastation, we can create beauty and sustainability. Instead of war, we can expand peace. What if we all of a sudden got emotionally and mentally and spiritually advanced? Well I hope so, because I have a hunch this is just a natural impulse that is there helping to be born and I am a big part of it. We need more Introvert, ceaseddoing things to connect, as many of us are becoming more and more disempowered.

Life is a journey to introspection and dis-connectedness. It is a way to understand the world, and to envision an insect and envision its Abilities and Potential. Life on earth Could be considered a rebirth. After all if “Matter” was never introduced into existence, the universe would indefinitely remain a boundless emptiness. It is as simple as that. Our bodies simply couldn’t exist without a mind, and a mind couldn’t continue to exist without a body. We are both eternal and immanent to our environment.

It is in that intimacy and the co-operation of nature that we experience our sense of oneness and connectedness with the surrounding natural world. Animals live in communion with each other, with nature, with each other. There is no separation. This does not mean that animals are devoid of emotions, but that they are happy and healthy, in a way that is so obvious, that neither their bodies nor their minds can prove to be otherwise.

Taking a walk around your neighbourhood these days, or snorkeling off shore or other close places, you will see people consciously and physically interacting together in a way that creates healthy unity. It can be difficult to see sometimes, but it is very liberating to just take your eyes off your immediate environment and focus them somewhere else instead. It brings you into the present and allows the present to serve as a means of contemplation, challenge and healing.

Martha just had a heart attack. I hope that brings a smile on her beautiful face.

Garden by the Bay, Singapore