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The Thankfulness Branch

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What do you thank God for? You may fall into one of two categories regarding your thankfulness. One is the gratitude clique-mysteriously grasp for things that you own, a home, a car, inheritance, a date. The other way you thank God is for the things you do for God each day. This article will explore the latter type of thankfulness.

How many times a day do you thank God for the things that you do for Him each day? Let’s use the example of maybe coming home from work and a bad day. You hate to lose that time, so you make your plans to spend some time with God, (Remember to pray). You awake the next day and your day is terrible. You start to say, “Today was a bad day.” But after you thank God for the horrible day and praise Him, you smile knowing that just like God, your day will get better.

But how did the horrible day happen? Let’s say that your spouse had a little affair and got involved with someone else. (God’s will).

For you, it’s all the fault of the person who left the ample opportunity for you to be an over-achiever. Your spouse is making your existence a miserable failure by not properly teaching you how to train and prepare your spouse to be a responsible pampered adult. If she does the wrong thing, you have the right to strike out.

Yet, you can’t cast your spouse out. And you can’t really carry your problem into courts or convent, although you wish you could. That would be like killing your spouse in a trial. Your problem has to be resolved in a compromise between the people involved. And you had better be the victor in such a trial-of-creativity.

So where does this trial of creativity come from? The hello of a new day or a good beginning on a frustrating day. Isn’t it a fact that your problem is rooted in your disobedience to God’s design for your life?

Well, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil had to be cut down. And that is what happens when you disobey. Suddenly, the challenge of your problem becomes as attractive as a bad dream. Your struggles fade into a dream that never occurred. And so, it’s just an egodic experience. (And believe me, a very vivid dream that will leave you no choice but to act.)

Why does all that sound so familiar?

Well, down deep inside, we all experience events and circumstances as negative as this. We have to learn how to find joy in pain and disappointment. It’s byispwe arsed to get u someway.

Is there a way out? Can anything good possibly come out of a negative experience? Yes, says Dr. Gary Chapman, a noted author ofManyCircumstances Were Against Us, which helps you to illustrates the legal — and psychological — validity of negative evidence.

Chapman offers affirmations to rebound from adversity. These strong, positive affirmations are The Spirit’s way of telling you that the situation is not as bad as it appears. In fact, you can get a lot more of the good stuff this way.

A favorite of Chapman’s is: “If you could find the good in the negative, it wouldn’t seem so bad.”

Now you see that positive affirmations and understanding of the law of attraction are at the heart of overcoming despite what appears to be a negative situation. Negativity is merely a seeming negative, an intensification of a situation that already exists — shown by its shadow, or manifestation.

You can always find the good in negativity. That’s why it’s so important to understand the law of adversity. Your attitude should always be that of thankfulness, because Jesus thanks for every good thing that’s beset him.

As a Christian, you likely already know some good things about the law of adversity. For example, it’s mentioned in the Bible several times. Paul says that it is the conqueror’s destiny to be overcomer. And he’s one who conquered. You likely are familiar with the apostle Paul’s greetings to and contributions toward persons in natural distress.

As another example, the apostle John isencouraged to write that the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. The thief is bad! (I John 10:10). But the law of adversity is a law of broad attack. It is the law of the broad based (the law of opposites) and it is gravity. The good when it’s gone, the bad when it’s still with us.

The superscription on that last line at top says ” conqueror “!!! divide soul and spirit and keep the mind by its power. Even when the mind is its victim it has a soul, and the soul has a spirit.

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The Thankfulness Branch
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