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The Tarot, Astrology And Palm Readings – 21 Spiritual Questions To Ask Yourself

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Someone who studies Tarot likely wants to become a proficient reader, as well as to help other people. There’s no question that offering guidance and advice about the future is a tremendous responsibility, and one that carries with it great worth.

So, now that you’ve learned more about the cards, where can you start applying the knowledge you’ve acquired? What questions do you need to ask yourself about the mysteries of the world?21 Questions to Ask Yourself

The following questions, from different areas in your life, will prepare you to receive the Tarot, Astrology and Palm Readings you want. Questions 1 through 10 are self-explanatory and other questions, like “Which Tarot deck and what’s inside?” are questions best answered by specialized resources.

The Journey of your Soul:

These 21 questions, asked and answered, are part of a series of five part questions intended to guide you on your…

“The Journey of your Soul.” – an Inside Job

Part 1 – What kind of guidance can you find yourself?

Part 2 – Where do you believe the conflict begins for you?

Part 3 – What do you need to do to resolve your conflicts?

Part 4 – How can you recognize the signs of a letdown in your life?

Part 5 – Why does the journey to resolve your conflicts take so long?

Once you begin to see the patterns in your life, you can look for patterns in other people’s lives. But, you won’t find those patterns without the same kind of self-awareness that is required for the journey to inner peace. The good news is that each person has their own unique cycle of life, and their own unique pattern will reveal itself in the shape of their life.

How Can You RecognizeariOr Transformation in Your Life?

As you undertake this self-awareness journey, your crown chakra, (or higher self) will need to be open to the transformation that is occurring for you. Your journey of self-discovery is a journey toward yourself, and you will begin to sense the life changes that are occurring for you.

Does this mean that your current encounters and experiences will change? Absolutely not! The changes that will occur for you are the result of your recognition of theMemories of Had Enough(R 2) in your life. Trouble will only be the place where your Crown Chakra Enlightens.

Step 3 – Not exploring what’s “out there” in the world, but what’s “in here” in your life.

By going through life as your fearful reaction to situations and people, you transmit the Energy of Fear(R 1) to those situations and people. When you react to a person or an incident, you are reactionizing your energy, because you are believing that someone deserves to be hurt by you. You are identifying with your fear and you cannot be healed until you realize that you are the one who is sick. So you look for incidents in your life in which you thought someone could hurt you. You expect incidents like divorce, racism, world conflicts and other challenges to happen to you. And you are helpless when they do.

And then when you finally realize that you are the one who is sick, you may ask: What Do I Do? Meaning: What Rises In You When You Hear That Sound??

Most of us have a numbness to our pain. Unless we’ve been through some sort ofcircumstances to invite the awareness of our pain and we’ve acknowledged it to ourselves, we haven’t made it part of our conscious self. Some of us are so accustomed to the hurtful nature of other people’s behavior that we remain unaware of thePick-up’s(R 2) that are ever present when we experience Alive Living.

When we quiet the chatter and our minds slow down, we begin to recognize themarks(R 3) in our lives. We begin to immerse ourselves in the quality of our own Character(R 4) that is inherently “changeable” as our perceptions change. As we clean the dusts(R 5) from our eyes, we are freed to “see”(R 6) what our “nexpected” bumps in the road hold.

And when we see what’s on the other side of the road, we know that it is better to slow down and remain patientlyalong the path rather than to rush in a mad rush to live outside of our means. We are reminded to live in the Present(R 7) rather than to live in the Imagination(R 8).


There is one simple thing I can do to eliminate the burden of so many of my life’s problems,idleness.

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The Tarot, Astrology And Palm Readings – 21 Spiritual Questions To Ask Yourself
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