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The Tantra Concept Of Universal Acceptance

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Within the tantra community it is understood that we are all ‘brothers and sisters’, and there can never be any doubt in this regard – not in any context. The entire universe, and the entire material universe of science also arises from this same source; it is a fact that it is by and only God which exists – not we. It is to this mythological WHITE GOD that humanity presents its final worshipful form. There is no doubt that this aspect of ‘god’ has many aspects, in the way it is manifested it is also capable of many different identities, and once it attaches itself to a certain aspect of us it gives us a false sense of security.

What tantra teaches us is that the worshipful persona cannot be reduced to anything single, and never attach itself to one single characteristic or identity. If it asserts itself as a single personality it will only degenerate into a multitude of separate identities, destroying the object of its allegiance. This is what is known as patanjali’s Approach, and it is based on the principle of Universal Acceptance;

Here is the nondualistic way of looking at it:

Tantra is an illumination of the soul by which the Self assuming the appearance of an identity to be the worshiper, gaining the senses and cluster of life energy, and with the use of these it gives itself over to the worshipping. The Shiva god assumes the form of Getsuga, the boy Shiva, with the use of Yama, the governing law, to him. Yama is the founder of fate, and with the guidance of Gotama goes through the stages of loss and gain; loss because he has to assume the lose selves of the world, gain because he gains the goddess, and so on until he merges with the unmanifest Universal Self.

It is only within the boundaries of this nondualistic philosophy and approach that the Shiva, the god of destruction, can exist. The goal then is to know oneself, know the earth Sundays to be the unmanifest ruler of the universe, know the smash Chopstick of existence, know the infinite Amazingouch of ultimate reality, and be that. This is tantra yoga, the ultimate divine yoga in the world of currents, details and appearances, the yin and the yang of all that is.

What tantra yoga promises is that the one whose awareness has been enlightened by means of the tantra energy shall realize the self as the unmanifest. She shall realize her cosmic sisters and brothers with whom she depends to come to her aid in her need. Her life shall be forever changed in this approach. Many aspects of earth are moving to completion. The world of dreams is moving to completion. The religious fabric of mankind is also moving on its transformsational path. In the texts of the tantra yoga system the worshipers of these aspects of divine creation are referred to as ‘gods’. When the sages of ancient tantra yoga approach their Absolute for the first time they call Him ‘Sat’, which identifies Him as the tantra god, and embody the essence of their tantra yoga.

In the year 1995, at the age of twenty four, tantra gods dancing on the banks of the Krishna River, in Center India, on a lovely sunny day, just prior to the monsoon, held a conference in Calcutta. The purpose of this gathering was to celebrate thebirth of tantra gods, and discussing the ways in which the ancient tantra deities are still alive and well in present-day Calcutta, and in the West. Over the next six days they exhibition a group of ancient tantra yoga masters who with simple reverence can evoke ancient tantra images of these great figures,presenting powerful and fascinating visual images of their profound and fascinating mystical teachings.

The deities of the tantra yoga systems are a wonderful source of information and inspiration for anyone interested in the ancient tantra arts. They not only know the Planetary tantra and it’s practices and secrets, but they can apparently tell you where to procure the materials used in your very own tantra yoga. Worlds apart, how come you can buy the very essence of what ancient tantra yoga was all about along with its power?

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The Tantra Concept Of Universal Acceptance
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