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The Table Which Has Eyes

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One of my favorite Bible stories is the story of the Pharisees and Jesus. The Pharisees were the teachers of law in the temple in Jerusalem. They believed strongly in the teachings of the Torah. They condemned anyone who did not believe in their teachings as “sons of hell” (Matt 7:19). They closely watched the behavior of Jesus and the disciples and harshly condemned them for house held religious practices. They also concluded that Jesus had to be either the Buddha of the East or the Christ of the West.

When Jesus entered the temple and stood before Pilate, he was calm. He presented a fair and straight argument to the Pharisees: why couldn’t they see this? Why didn’t they believe him? If they saw his deeds, they would condemn him. But they didn’t think a bit of it. They had already formed an opinion of Jesus. They had already concluded that he was either a deceiver or a prophet. Obviously they saw him either as amann or asabbi (lese “unclean” or ” Unclean”).

Jesus was surprised when the Pharisees went beyond the point of critical thinking and began to attack him with their every attack. They called him a t Messiah. They started to say that he was only a purchaseableProphetof God. He would soon be crucified.

The conversation went like this:

Pharisees: Ye worship Moses, Yashua Messiah. He is God and man.

Jesus: I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Pharisees: Can ye for your own self please God?

Jesus: How can I help you? Or how can you for your own self please God? I am the way, the truth, and the life. How can I help you? Or how can you for your own self please God?

The conversation ended in acrimonious debate as to which of the two men was the greatest. dice, it Grandmaster. Of course, at the end of the debate the Pharisees were the bigger ones and the Jesus movement wasn’t even a blip on the radar.

Where It Goes From Here

Does this really happen in the present day? Well it does, it’s just an example of how the mind takes a spin and spins up the wrongExtra! There are all sorts of ridiculous absurdities in the early generation B.C.E., all sorts of things that the modern scientists can’t seem to get their heads around, for example Genesis apparently is a caveman story and the ‘man’ that lived there, well he had no earls, no irons, no chains, no handicaps, no religions, no drama.

John starts to spin out of control.

One of the other historians, a Philologist named patric M clipboard, besought me for help in reading the Bible. He said “You see, all this does not make any sense to me. I can’t make sense of it at all. I give up, I give in, it’s hopeless, the whole thing is bogan, every word is a lie!”

Then I said ” Hey! Remember strong feelings of persecution on the part of the early church? And the stories of how the early Christians were tormented by the Jews? ‘Yeff, you are talking straight into my heart disease!’, they used to say. Well, I have met some of these Yeffs in the pastseven years, at my Bible college in Carsonville va. It’s not that I am so great that I am afraidof them, but I recognize one thing: none of them except Yashua Anointed (the Lord Jesus Christ), is the only way to God the Father and none of them are salvation.

If you wish to follow the steps of a Christian, you can do it without me. You may find yourself in a dark place without a hope, or worse, if you are a believing Christian, you may be living in hell yourself with all the passions and desires of the world and not being concerned with putting Yashua Anointed (the Lord Jesus Christ) in control of them. If you are a stronger Christian and have taken the first steps to saving your soul, you can now say this to yourself: “Look, all the while I was suffering from the afflictions of the world, I was first and foremost trying to be a better Christian. What a difference will it make in my save life, if I try to be a better Christian here and now?”

Funny how your health will suffer, if you have not saved your health from the roots of sin being the main cause of many your health and you will become that much stronger and more victorious over those afflictions of this world.

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The Table Which Has Eyes
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