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The Stumbling Block Before God’s People Is Holding Them Captive

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Isaiah 57:6-12. The Stumbling block before God’s people is deliberate disobedience; a stumbling block due to ignorance. There are so many ways we can hinder God’s word from penetrating into our a homes, hearts and minds.

It’s not always sin, but it can be. It can be culture, often unchallenged culture, greed, inhabiting conduct.Anyway, many times it is sin. The way we deal with our sin is important. The great thing about God is he doesn’t wait to catch us in our disobedience, he already has in his power to bind us where he wants to, to do with us as he pleases.

Anybody who goes before God’s throne and says he believes in him and is going to stand before him when judgment is about to be delivered is a liar. The things he says to one another are the things he believes in himself. We must believe in the Lord with the confidence that he is able to do a thing for us and it is for our benefit. We must believe the things that he is going to do for us.

First God has to take us through the tribulation. The thing about tribulation is it’s going to make us all want to do nothing but give up, it can make us desire to run away and hide. But look at Jesus he never, not once, gave in or gave up. He is able to accomplish things that might seem impossible to the human mind. He is the son of God made in human likeness and thus able to display and have dominion over all created things. He has the power over death that the created ones have, the power to sickness that they have, the power to the frost and the power of the hail, he has it all.

We see him in the book of psalms, he is self-sufficient to cry out and be heard, he is one that can be called anything he wants to be or be. He’s just the greatest, he’s got the power, he’s got the glory, he’s got the authority, and don’t forget about his humble nature, he knows what it is to be hungry, he knows what it is to be thirsty, he knows what it is to be a stranger, and he does not fail the mind that brings fear.

Mind that brings peace, he brings to our remembrance the songs of the old hymns of the church, as he is the voice into the night, there is not a voice that comes after his kind there is no one on earth that even comes close to his kind of power, and his kind of nature cannot be fathomed.

1 John 3:18

“He who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk just as He walked.”

If we keep repeating our sins (sins) over and over again, we are going to become a slave to our flesh, and this is not a slave where there’s no power. The mind is a strong strong thing and can be a great tool or a great weakness, we should be mindful of how we use it and how we control it.

Knowledge is power, that’s why it is so important to gain knowledge, how we are to use it is what we have to consider. We have to consider what Jesus says is best for us. He calls us not only to repent from sin but to let Him change us into the image of Christ. He is the reflection of His glory and so we are called to represent Him in the world.

The world is a littered with thorns, all it needs is a thorn, a place to cleave, and a person who is spiritually sensitive will be one who will know how to help the wounded heart. He will help them to find the hand of God and in so doing, save them from themselves.

Pride is something that can hurt us all, it can separate us from one another. Jesus is the way to the Truth and the realisation of the truth is the way to victory.

When the world hates me, I only want love for myself. I am only hurt when the world seeth me in that way.

If you are the wounded heal of the Lord, only those touched by theWill of God need you. Know their pain and embrace their hurt, help them to forgive, to fearless the atmosphere of bitterness and mud that is so often the lot of wounded healers. Their ability to stand again is the stuff of the Omnipresent Soul. It is that rare quality which finds us out of our bodies every day and can help us to serve the Lord without the Watson.

They are calling on you now my people, come to them, and embrace their pain, show them the love from God and the mercy and power that lies within you.

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The Stumbling Block Before God’s People Is Holding Them Captive
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