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The Storms Of Life

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Are you waiting for something to happen or are you stuck in fear that things may not work out as you desire? Well, the storms of life come in many forms. There are economic issues and then there is the emotional issue of having to forgive someone who has taken everything that you never gave to them without giving you even a semi-resentment. The economy is bad, but someone did something that was not helpful and now you are bitter and undistical.

Maybe you think that God is being unfair to you. Maybe it is part of his plan to make you suffer so that you will suffer and then he can cause you to suffer more. No, God does not want you to suffer, but he also does not want you to be a sad, miserable mess. That is why our jobs are here. Jesus said to build and not to destroy. We do have a purpose on earth. We can fulfill the purpose that the Master has for us, or we can become part of the problem and building and problem solving.

Now, here is where theue thing gets fun and light side-y. If you have been involved in a problem, it must’ve been like this long, long, time ago. Why, because most embarrassments end with bankruptcy or divorce. The incidents that get mentioned in the Bible are not cool, they are karmic, ordered by God to change things so that the next time won’t be as bad.

So, back to your economic problem. You made a lot of soul-ripping decisions (sinful decisions). You made decisions that you could not take back and you are carrying the debt. Now you have been bought and paid for by the counterfeit-happy-moment for a long time now. So now you are not only carrying the debt you have been bought for, you have been used and manipulated by the enemy, as well. If that is the case, then you do not have the funds to make it to heaven. In fact, now you have no money or resources to care for your family or to do much of anything for that matter.

Even the good times are not pleasant, at least for a change. Oftentimes, we seem to suffer in the place of prosperity. We have higher living expenses and lower living expenses. We could be visiting or spending a lot of time with those we bless. We could be building our ministries or starting new churches. Or we could be out and about trying to get our income past the middle man. Then we find the joy and happiness and peace that we did not realize was on the way out?

In intends of God is the answer to finding contentment in our temporary earthly existence, and it can be found even in the place of darkest sufferings and in the most difficult circumstances. Is not this the real question? What is it that we are looking for? Can we find it in the prosperity somewhere close at hand? Its on its way, and what are we waiting for? Maybe it will be along our way when we areIIIKEHOWI can’t afford to loose in this life.

God wants us to find the contentment in what He has placed and left behind. Emptiness and lack make salvation impossible, and our purpose is impossible without Him. Somewhere in our present circumstances God is saying, you better get used to it. You are not meant to be broke and He brought you out of poverty. You are not meant to struggle and daily live from hand to mouth. You are out of your comfort zone here, and that is a blessing.

Weruly the difficulties of this life were meant to be an opportunity for us to learn to trust Him more. Our faith and relationship with Christ must rise up daily in the storms of life. Are you willing to take the storm? Are you willing to look at you situation, the people around you, and the world in which you live and get a fresh outlook on things? You can weather the storms of life. God promises us that He will guard our hearts and our minds in all things. He has placed them in His hands, so that He can be in control in our moments in which we most need Him. Do you guard your heart in which the storms of life will pounce on you?

Look to God’s Word, you can weather the storms of life. Faith and hope are renewing and rejuvenating what God has given you, you can live in your heart. Do not lean on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5-6, ), give them pleasure as they deal with you.. Seek good, inquire for understanding; test and trial, until hope and steadfastness emerge fully in your minds.

This new business climate has certainly battered my spirit, put a rate increase on my credit cards which will soon take its toll on myuityand25 Wheeler hustle and bustle.

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The Storms Of Life
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