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The Spiritual Journey – 12 Electrical Versus Spiritual Conductors

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I imagine sometimes in the electrical business people ask themselves which conductor is better, for their conductors of electricity.

I too often fall into the electrical business, especially at work when I am deep into a project and long into the electrical work. I have the same question anyone in the business has. How can I switch to the spiritual conductor?

Although I do not like the electrical business, I realize my confusion is not as bad as that of many electricalians who are unable to understand why they cannot understand their work.

Perhaps it is in my own pride, or ability, or desire to work as an electrician that I behave this way.

How do you behave when you are working as both an electricalian and spiritual conductor? Can you go one way or the other?

There is a material difference. The spiritual conductor needs the material’s material to be able to conduct. The spiritual conductor does not need the material’s impurities. However, the material can still be cleaned -MOST– by the spiritual conductor. And,yesthere are impurities. Even gold requires purified and pure materials to be of any practical use.

Besides these two general categories:

(a) There is only ONE electric conductor-spiritual or secular.

(b) There are two general electrical conductors: two currents.

The difference between a spiritual conductor and a secular conductor is this: A spiritual conductor is aware of its limitations. Its job is to remind us of its limitations. It is the reminder that the physical world we live in has its limitations.

A secular conductor lives in the world of the absolute where it is as powerful as the physical world and goes largely untouched by the limitations of the spirit or God.

When you go to the limits of the physical and the spirit, you will find that the spirit is your worst enemy. The spirit is an illusion that every breath of the physical creates.

When we become aware of our own limitations in the physical world, do we not become depressed? Do we not see that our spirit is the problem?

The spirit is needed for the physical to work. The spirit is needed when the electrical components of our body are weak.

Most Sadly But Not Unidentally, Entirely Working As A Spiritualconductor IS the Solution

The answer is that we need to work as a spiritualconductor. We need to allow the current to carry more current than what we are used to, more current than what we are used to, and always leave the work we are doing to the spiritualconductor.

Let us use the car example again with the total disregard of judgments.

– If the battery is low or full, the car stalled.

– If the battery is low or full, the engine idles.

– If the car is idling, the tire pressures increase.

– If the tire pressures are high, the engine will not idle.

These examples are imaginary but visible.

Understanding Spirit in the Example of the Electrical Circuit is the Key

Understanding that the spirit is the underlying current and allows the current to flow as and when it is needed without any regard to the “physical” limits of the human body is the spirit-energy.

This quality of the spiritualconductor is not the best conductor of the human spirit. However it is the next quality up from the spirit-energy and is of far more value-and is the “gold” that allows the spirit-energy to permeate through the human conductory component sorry it’s physical.

Why is this important?

Once the human spirit begins to understand through the trials and tribulations of life that it does not have complete control over the human body it begins to become more of a facilitator role. The human body still has a role to play, but it no longer has the total mastery as it did before.

In these words, Peter Baksa says in his book, Human Focus:

The electrical power represents the full capacity of the human organism. But regrettably we are apt to make the error of thinking our human body as fundamentally complete. In fact, there is far more potential within you than you realize.

If a human body, including the mind, could be filled with the spirit unconditionally, no action would be necessary in order to manifest what has been desired.

It’s OK to borrow a term from physics and say energy. But then you won’t be able to mention another term (spirit) unless you also use another term (body).

Without the Essential Energy within each particle, no physical or non-physical entity can be the perceiving driver of thought, vision, desire or action.

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The Spiritual Journey – 12 Electrical Versus Spiritual Conductors
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